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  1. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Hello from Oz   

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  2. DMartin95 added a post in a topic New to scootering, but not new to modding stuff   

    Welcome to the site!
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  3. DMartin95 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    It completely depends on the head... If it's a stock head, you don't need to do anything beyond re-jetting.
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  4. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Hey all   

    You know, as I think about it, it's quite ironic..... 
    I was running the web store, repair shop, answer this site, emails, youtube and running computer business on the side and literally went into over load..... It was too much.... But now, all I can seem to do is work work work, only thing keeping my head straight. 
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  5. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Uncleozzy   

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  6. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Hey all   

    Thanks fifty..... You nailed the 3 feeling well, I'm in between the hurt and anger right now.... One moment I wanna cry like a love sick school boy, the next minute I wanna  be the Hulk and just "SMASH"....
    And no, I didn't caught doing the deed..... This time the problems are pinned on her.
    I've been trying to keep as busy as can be.... It seems to be the only thing that can keep my mind off this shit.
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  7. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Hey all   

    It's good to hear that....  Yeah, this whole wife thing has me f'd up bad..... Day by day right? I had checked out and was actually surprised everyone still stuck around here..... The web store is an absolute mess and trying to clean it up has been a nightmare... Everything should ship by tomorrow. 
    Thanks for sticking by me gang, it's appreciated.......
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  8. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Hey all   

    Thanks all.... I appreciate ya'll and genuinely feel bad that I checked out..... Normally, I've always been as strong as a rock emotionally, but lately, I've just been messed up in the head....
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  9. DMartin95 added a topic in Non Scooter related   

    Hey all
    I know it's been a while since I checked in, but that's because I've been rather checked out lately....
    As many of you know, My dad died one ago to the day, my mother has cancer and I'm likely getting a divorce... So anyhow, I'm just putting it out there; Mentally, I'm a wreck right now....
    I had left the web store in my nephews care, obviously things are a little off track and I will be getting everything sorted out this week. I have a back log of messages so bare with me on that front... I'm getting it together, slowly but surely.
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  10. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Is Quantum 150 AC or DC?   

    No, running voltage should be around 14.7 and the battery when the engine off at 12 volts... These are considered perfect voltages and ideal.....Most real world examples are not ideal and have variances +/- of a volt or two.....
    I am super slammed, I will be on the forum to chat when time allows. 
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  11. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Cheers   

    I am super slammed this week and am looking forward to a break! 
    This thread is a reminder that there is hope at the end of the tunnel,  
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  12. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Valve lash / clearance numbers   

    Those were just examples of differences in these engines that I know of first hand and trying to illustrate the point that these engines are not all the same, they're different.
    I have not profiled all the the OEM cams to see if they're different.... I'm thinking the cam profile is what ultimately will determine the valve lash, I just don't remember off hand.... But again, I don't have the cam profiles to prove it..... However, I do have the engine math books and can look any of this up.... 
    What I know is this (for a fact) Not all these GY6's are the same. There are subtle differences and in my opinion, it's best to err on the side of caution and go with the plate stamped on the scooter.
    The whole reason this thread exist is an attempt to stop the non-sense like this..... Time and time again, I see people recommending valve lash be adjusted to .03mm-in/.05mm-ex... This is what is recommended on most of the 50cc stamps I have came across....I have never seen a 150cc with anything lower than a .05mm on the intake valve.... After these thing heat up and thermal expansion takes place, if the valves are too tight, the thing won't run.... 
    So really, I am at a loss for what kind of point you're even trying to make.... If I understand your intention, it's to tell everyone to ignore the engine stamp that comes on their scooter and "write their own"???? If so, (and I hope you don't take this as being rude, not my intention) I find that to be misguided.....
    And take note, I do understand emission plates and manuals have their errors.... But not ALL of them.... Especially when it comes to the higher quality scooters.   
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  13. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Dan , smax shop manual, question.   

    Yes. Re-read the paragraph under "Odometer mode".... Not only does it say how to do it, but also has a picture illustrating where the button is....   Is that AZ sun getting to ya already?  
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  14. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Tong Jian Buggy Motor Vs Scooter Motor   

    Just yesterday I purchased 2 short case CVT covers for some project engines I have... I think the color is lame and I will repaint, but even still, I think they look cool! 

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  15. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Belt Failure Analysis   

    Yeah, that was kind of just a WAG due to your setup.... 
    All I know is I have seen a lot belt wear and changed a lot of belts.... What is happening to yours is not normal wear'n tear IMO.....  
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