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  1. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Final Drive Gear questions?   

    1.) No
    2.) I've never done and don't know how you can use a vice to press off your original.... I advise just using a press, if you don't have one, any mechanic shop will have one and likely only charge a few bucks)
    3.) Not that I'm aware of
    18 x 35 : Ask yourself why... Sounds like you're just making a random selection.... Gearing is simple, it's all about ratio's... 
    Lets do this simple:
    1:1 means gears will be at the same speed....  1:2 means everytime 1 makes 1 revolution, 2 will make 2.... This will make 2, 2x faster than 1 (This is for top end speed)
    ... Now Flip it: 2:1 This will make your final gear twice as slow, but give you way more power (Take off power)....
    From that, you can extrapolate...  Most GY6's I have worked on have 13:40 (but there ARE exceptions) final drive gear ratio....So, if you want more top end at the expense of take off 12:40, 11:40 - extrapolate.... If you want more take off power at the expense of top end, 14:40, 15:40 - extrapolate....
    18:35 will give you hell-a-fied take of power, but you will lose a lot of top end speed.... 
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  2. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    I like it too! 
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  3. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Can a brother get 24 hours of happiness?
    No, I decided against putting on the BBK and using the fuel commander.... I'm able to drive the SMAX on the interstate, can't say I have any interest in going faster than 80MPH on 2 wheels.... I used to wanna go a lot faster.... Part of it also is that I know what kind of R&D team Yamaha has and there's no way I think I can out do what they did....
    The Florida roads are damned near perfect and at sea level I have even gained a couple of MPH.... Can't really explain why as elevation shouldn't matter with a Fuel Injected bike... For a 150 class scooter, I'm beyond happy...I've got over 7000 miles on her now and I still get instant starts... Only thing I've changed mechanically speaking is a new tire and the oil....
    When it comes to chinese GY6 150cc, there's lots of room for improvement especially when quality is concerned....
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  4. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Can a brother get 24 hours of happiness?   

    There's a bunch of upgrades for our SMAX's.... My SMAX is still 100% stock (well, I put on new grips and LED blinker bulbs) because of how well it runs.... It goes plenty fast enough for me and the reliability is near perfect so far...Wet weight of 328Lbs.... Could you imagine how much faster it would be if this engine was a Chinese GY6 Chassis? 
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  5. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Can a brother get 24 hours of happiness?   

    Okay, without a doubt you need a new head.... But that's not all. More than likely, you need a new cylinder/piston/rings as well... 
    DIRECTION OF TRAVEL....  The ONLY way the timing guide metal bits could have gotten up in your combustion chamber is past the piston rings....You can take metal shavings, and while turning the engine over, sprinkle them into the intake port and they'll just blow right out the exhaust port....  Your combustion chamber is sealed... 
    I've repaired these scooters for a long time, don't waste your time with just trying a new head... You'll destroy it, also... drain the oil, take the cylinder off, starter clutch, oil pump, etc etc....  You need to strip the block down to remove all the metal bits and pieces.  You may have even ruined the crank bearings and journals.... 
    When your chain started chewing up your guide, it pulled the pieces down into the engine and those pieces traveled up through your engine.... You need to do a complete rebuild I suspect. 
    This isn't the news you want to hear, but trust me, you're just spinning your wheels and wasting money if you just try slapping a new head on there.
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    On a race engine, it does make a difference... Some race engines have no cooling setup at all... The fan creates drag on the engine.... Same thing with the fan blades on a stock variator... You'll see many racing variators that have no fan blades at all... In fact, if you're running without a CVT cover or an open/designer on cover, it's perfectly fine.... They even sell racing stators that have a super small flywheel/magneto that only produces enough power for engine spark..... 
    However, if you have a stock engine, you'll burn it up it up with the quickness... These aluminum blocks get soft as butter when they get heated, causes warping and seals/gaskets no longer work....
    Only makes sense on a strip racing engine....
    No apologies are needed... 
    It's all good to share racing tips, you should just ad a disclaimer when you offer advice like that because some people have no clue what they're doing and just do what people tell them on the net.... Yes, cutting out some of the blades will reduce drag, but at the same time, it will not cool the engine properly.... If someone does this to a daily driver, they're asking for trouble.
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  7. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Can a brother get 24 hours of happiness?   

    Okay, you may wanna do an actual compression test... I can't tell ya the amount of people that stick a finger on the spark plug hole (with the plug out of course) and try and check for compression.... What people fail to realize is just because there's compression, doesn't mean it's enough... For instance, you might be at 90psi.... NOT ENOUGH... Upwards of 170PSI+ is where ya wanna to be at.
    These single cylinder engines are about as basic as you can get.... If you're getting fuel, air and spark, doesn't leave many more things to check... Has to be something like valve lash, weak PSI, or your air fuel ratio is way off.... Or like MJ suggest, the engine ground. 
    Provide more details... Did this happen all at once? Or has the engine been getting harder to start each time? 
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  8. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Dmartin95's guide to doing mods.   

    I'm not really around just yet...  
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  9. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Scrappy dog anyone?   

    Ya know, sometimes people get butt hurt when you correct them, so please don't... You're giving really bad advice....
    Look, these GY6 engines are air cooled and NEED the fan.... They do have racing setups, but them are not track racers, they're made for the strip, nothing more (short runs)... You run your GY6 with a messed up shroud or fan not working properly, your engine will over heat.... May not do it immediately but this is a recipe for disaster....
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  10. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Dmartin95's guide to doing mods.   

    That is the million dollar question my friend! 
    What I did was buy every cam, A8~A15 and K80 , all Taida's cams plus every CDI I came across..Tried a million combos and hoped for the best. Eventually came to the conclusion that you need a programmable CDI, computer to view real time analysis coupled with an Oxygen sensor.... 
    About the best piece of advice I can give on this topic, if you don't have money to play with a bunch of different parts and you're hoping to be able to do a build performance on a budget, DON'T.... If you can't afford to waste money on CDI's, don't buy one hoping it will have the magic bullet.... And, if you have a stock motor, DON'T buy a CDI at all.... Only reason a person would need a racing/perf CDI is to match the new Camshaft profile.... Without a different cam profile, you're wasting your money.  
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  11. DMartin95 added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    Dmartin95's guide to doing mods.
    Part 1
    So, you get a new moped/buggy and fall in love with it..... But you would just like a little more speed, or different color, or different handling or whatever mod you wanna do.... STOP.... First piece of advice comes here...  Ask yourself, am I confidant enough in my skills and am I willing to start gambling with a proven configuration (and always make sure you have the required tools first also)....
    Now, one of the most popular mods, and coincidentally one of the biggest sources of end user problems is CDI and coil upgrade..... First let me address the coil... (This will be a reoccurring theme in this thread).... The Chinese can clone almost any technology out there... However, A lot of the time it's an inferior replica of the original and the manufacturer in some instances doesn't even understand the tech... This will be referred to as "Made in China" ----> mic 
    The coil, in almost every non-race setup, you will not gain any performance...Even on a 232cc, you will not gain performance and the stock coil will work....  What you gain with an upgraded coil is reliability and, this goes to MIC.... As many of you know, products out of China at times suck, well, the scoot will come with a stock coil and I can't tell you how many stock coils I have personally seen fail, let alone, how many coils I've sold because people told me there original failed.... So, if you get a good, quality coil for example a genuine "Bando", it's less likely to fail and it's an under $25.00 upgrade... Worth it my opinion....And note, this isn't to say all Chinese ones are junk either.. It's a gamble... Usually, the less you pay, the more it sucks. 
    Now, when it comes to the CDI....Unless you change the CAM, it's pointless.... What a CDI basically does is tell your Coil when to send power to your spark plug. Your engine has what is called "timing"... With a CDI, you can basically advance or retard the timing AND change WHEN it fires throughout different RPM's/power-band...   
    Here's where it gets complicated... Scooter racing outside of the USA (mostly Asia) is both, super competitive... So, what winds up going on, is serious racers, with crazy good mechanical-engineering skills get a-hold of a GY6. Next, they start grinding out new cams, re-working the head, bigger piston. air/fuel/exhaust upgrade....Part of this process is setting the new timing to match your new power-band. Back to the complicated... These racers/engineers go out and win races... Great for the racer, bad for the consumer....
    Here's why.. That race-winner will have a lot of people wanting to copy his setup.. Through hook or crook, the engine parts wind up being copied and distributed to everyone, when it's actually for a specific setup... . MIC.... China clones everything, even technology they don't understand...So, while they do copy actual racing tech, it usually is setup for a specific type of build...
    To conclude this part of doing mods, I will end on this note.... Yes, A CDI can be a powerful upgrade for the right build, but figuring that out is a gamble and your best bet is to buy a kit that includes Cam & CDI together and originates anywhere other than China.  
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  12. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Coil popped at 50mph / Heavy Traffic   

    This is a whole thread in itself... I will start a new thread
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  13. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Looking to add UNI filter again   

    You're not in the minority.....If someone installs a UNI on a stock motor, it'll actually hurt performance. At a minimum, it must be couple with an upjetted carb and a free flow exhaust in order to take advantage of the extra air... After all, you can't increase the air flow with out also increasing fuel flow... Then you need a way to let it breath out..... The real gain is when it's coupled with a ported head and larger valves...  Then of course, someone has to be real good at tuning or cheat like I do with an O2 sensor. 
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    Thanks for the high praise... I worked my butt off within the scooter community to try and bring the best parts, at the best price with above average service.... I'm the only scooter parts Vendor that has their very own forum so all their customers can talk to each other.... I'm getting settled in, down here in Florida.... One more trip back up to Michigan to get the last load and then I should be ready to get back to it....
    I may start a scooter beach rental...  
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  15. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Gy6 Starter Clutch Replacement   

    This always cracks me up..... People seem to act like they don't have a choice...
    When something is clearly listed in the ad: NO RETURNS, REFUNDS or EXCHANGES, means just that...  
    Trust me when I say, when you have to put that disclaimer up, it turns off more potential buyers than making some money on the few exchanges you'll be asked to do.... In addition, vendor/dealer is the right word.... We are not the manufacturer and these foreign manufactures simply do not honor the warranty, that's why vendors have to put the disclaimer in the first place...As mentioned, it hurts sales.... So tell me how again it's convenient for the vendor????
    P.S. A lot of the people that purchase "High Performance Parts have no clue WTF they're even buying... They think because the parts physically fit, they'll just magically work together... People install big bore kits, open air filters, CDI's with different timing advance than original, then pick some random carb that's bigger in mm's, never paying attention to jet size of proper lambda (Air fuel mix)... They do stupid shit like trying to adjust by sound, exhaust smell and sight.... And here's the kicker, once someone realizes they F'd their scooter up by changing random parts, then they want to send greasy, used parts back to a middle man than can't send it back to source (manufacturer)..... 
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    update part Duex.....
    Just to let everyone know, I have relocated to Florida and only have one more trip to Michigan to bring my inventory down....Soon, I'll be getting settled in and everything back up and running... Well, actually, soon might be the wrong word... Probably around a month and I'll have everything back in order......
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  17. DMartin95 added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    looking good so far! Any updates?
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  18. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    Nice score!
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  19. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Whiskey Drankers..   

    So I looked up the price.... 47.00 plus S&H online..... It better be some damn good whiskey at that price..... I'm rather suspect people would be paying for a Niche item and a label.....
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  20. DMartin95 added a topic in Non Scooter related   

    Happy Memorial day everyone!
    Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day...
    Here's to anyone that has served  
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  21. DMartin95 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    Good video MJ! I've done this very process about 30 times.... On a cheap GY6 carb, the block-off plate is super thin and very easy to remove... 
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    No..... I don't have access to my godaddy control panel any more so I cant see the orders.....On may 4th. I posted a new thread stating the web store is closed. Goddady was supposed to close the site on May 5th but it remained open and processing orders.... I will ship it out tomorrow.... 
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  23. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    I'm just gonna ramble a bit for a sec....  
    For the longest time, I had major issues with FB.... It wasn't the social media aspect or some deteriorating America why I stayed away.... It was Governments, and yes, that is plural.... All governments collect data, and I didn't want my personal data in those hands....  But here's the truth of it.... Every email server, (Hotmail, Gmail etc etc), every search engine, every major streaming website, business computers, smartphones, ..... Getting the picture here? Everything, all of that, has already been hacked... Doesn't matter if you're on social media or not.... YOUR INFO IS ALREADY OUT THERE... PERIOD....
    Then I had a jealous wife who freaked everytime I went to set one up.... Well, as many of you know, shit in that department went south so I said F it, and hoped back on FB... within like 2 months, I've talked to over 20 or 30 family members and about twice as many old school friends and such that I haven't talked to in over 25 years, in some cases.... Facebook, when used as intended, is a great way to reconnect I've found! 
    Can it be abused? Sure.... But isn't blaming FB for peoples actions a bit analogous to blaming a gun instead of the shooter? Or Drug instead of the user? etc etc.....
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    Whoa... A bit extreme don't ya think? 
    People's been saying this crap about different styles of music, races, religions, video games, smart phones, the internet itself..... Wow... It's just amazing all these things that will destroy us....
    I dunno man, to each their own.... Me, I'm going embrace every creature comfort life has to offer or else like Creed says: What's this life for?  
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  25. DMartin95 added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    Today, is when they finally closed it....   I am very dissatisfied with their customer service.... They suck. 
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