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  1. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Rectifier Trouble   

    I thought it was a sense wire too for detecting real time draw on the battery and adjusting accordingly, and could not figure out how it would work without one, but as SD12 explains it is just a switch wire and a diode does the same thing.  Not sure the diode prevents the battery from overcharging, just stops it discharging through  the RR when the engine is off.
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  2. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Rectifier Trouble   

    Thanks for the reply.  You know, I couldn't find that info anywhere.👍
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  3. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Rectifier Trouble   

    So I bought a new RR the same as this and it all works now.  I still do not know why some RR have a black feedback wire and some don't.  I have noticed the lights do get quite a bit brighter under revs so maybe a feedback wire would smooth this out a bit.
    I might take the loom out again, pull the sheath off and upgrade those yellow wires like I saw in one of Mr Martin's videos.  They look a little spindly.
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  4. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Rectifier Trouble   

    Yes its a 6 pin RR, 3 yellow a white a red and a green.
    Green to ground, white to choke. Green stripe splits off in two, one going to the diode you can see there, then on to the battery, and the other going to the light switch.
    I am just confused as to why there is no black wire for voltage feedback.  This RR doesn't have one so maybe its not necessary.
    I might assume this one is faulty and buy one the same and try it.

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  5. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Hello from Oz   

    Yes on the original build I tried a thicker gasket but then my timing chain was too short, so I had to stick with the original thin metal one and got out the trusty dremel.  Just need to chop out a bit more. Even with a thicker gasket I think I still would need to grind some out as I was using the original 39mm head.  
    The same dremel I used to grind out the case for the cylinder to borers phttt
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  6. aussie_phil added a post in a topic Hello from Oz   

    Yes summer should be over by now but still going to be 35c (95F) this week when it should be about 22c (72F)
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  7. aussie_phil added a topic in Electrical   

    Rectifier Trouble
    I have charging problems with my 150cc project scooter and could do with some help.
    It has a new 11 pole stator that is giving out good AC voltage.
    With the motor running I am getting only 2 or 3 volts out of the rectifier and the lights don't work.
    I slid out the loom for a look and are a little confused.

    Everything checks out except for the rectifier wiring.  3 yellow wires ok.  Green wire earth ok.  White wire goes directly to the enricher which I can not find any sort of resistor like my 50cc. Now the green stripe wire (power out I assume) has been fiddled.  It splices out to the positive battery terminal via a diode (that looks original) and gives power to the light switch which used to be powered by a black wire from the ignition which probably would not be a problem - just means the lights only work with the engine running.
    I don't know if this is the correct rectifier or if it is faulty even though it check out with a diode test.  From my reading I need a wire from the ignition or similar as a control for the rectifier which I do not have and there are no provisions for.  So is this ever going to work???
    Thanks in advance.  
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  8. aussie_phil added a topic in Introduction   

    Hello from Oz
    Hello there from Adelaide South Australia.
    I've got a couple of scooters.  The first project was a Sym Orbit 50.

    Bought it cheap as it had a chewed out crankshaft bearings.  Rebuilt it, added a 50mm BBK with bigger carby and it goes well.  The only thing I will do some time is pull the head off and grind a bit more out of the combustion chamber as it still pings a little even on 98 fuel.
    My current project is a Xtreme Moto Nitro 150.  I bought this one even cheaper in a million bits.  I had to replace the crankcase as it had a big crack down the middle.  This is where I'm at with it at the moment.  It runs but I've got rectifier problems but will post about them in the electrics section.

    This is what it will look like when finished.

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