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  1. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    The nipped is plugged, as in it's there but hasn't been drilled all the way through. It's solid. It's supposed to be a vacuum line for the carb. I never knew it was blocked until I took off the intake. I removed all of the emission parts on day one. The exhaust is working fine with the bend. I'll upload some more pictures but the bend isn't as bad as it looks. The carb needs to be up jetted for sure and it's something I'll be doing in the near future. After making some adjustments and properly tuning it the scooter is running great as of now. It has a lot more power than before but it's a little louder with the new exhaust.(the old one is always an option)  I'm pretty sure I bought the exhaust before anyone knew it was for a one shock scooter but it's not a big deal. This is from 9/25/15 
     Yes, click this link right here ... That exhaust I have in Silver, Red and Blue. If you're interested, I can get ya more pictures, but it's complete with header, mounting brackets and all required hardware.....
    They are true, free flow exhaust. You can ask PistonGuy about performance results, he has one his scooter
    I'll keep my eyes open for a header pipe that will fit the exhaust but for now it's fine. I just need to fabricate a bracket for it. 

    I might be able to use my old header with some modifications but honestly the bend isn't a problem. The problem now is making a bracket because the brackets and bolts that came with it are for a 50cc scooter. I'd like to buy a new carb but money is short right now so Ill just upset for now until I can afford the upgrade. What size jets should I start with? Do I need both main and Idle jets or just main? I know it's mostly trial and error but what's a good starting point? Thanks for everybody's help. I didn't go into this wanting the fastest scooter on the block. I just wanted it to run again.  Now it's running better than it did before it died so I'm happy. Quicker is better than faster for me. I don't have a need to go over 45 - 50 mph. I just wanted it to pick up quicker. 
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  2. zombieninja added a post in a topic Programmable, Digital GY6 CDI - Real Time mapping!   

    My question is how does it map other CDI's that don't have a input port? Is there a CDI to USB cable that isn't pictured? If that's the case I could build my own CDI to USB cable and use the program to map out different CDI's and upload the results here. I'm pretty good with software, I've got a associates in computer science. I would love to see the "advanced curves" on some of the "performance" CDI's. 
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  3. zombieninja added a post in a topic Programmable, Digital GY6 CDI - Real Time mapping!   

    Anything new on this thing? I'd really like to get a look at that program. A video update would be super cool. 
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  4. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    @DMartin95 @pistonguy
    157QMJ. It's not that it doesn't fit at all. It's just a lot tighter than it was before. Or maybe it's just that I couldn't get it back on the exact way it was on. It was especially tight around the chain tensioner. I'm pretty sure the definitions of the new head are slightly different from the old one with is resulting in a not so perfect fit. I did get it on though. 
    It's funny you ask. I got in running today. It needs some tuning but I finally got her fired up and she is running. I let the scoot run for about fifteen minutes then rode it up and down the block a few times. It's idling a little high but it isn't backfiring or dieing on me so that's good. It took me two whole days to get it running. First day the battery went dead but I got a couple turns out it so I knew I was getting spark and compression. Today my carb intake pipe came so I added that and a pod filter we had laying around. I also unplugged a hose coming from my carb and going to my intake. (the intake port was factory blocked so it wasn't doing anything anyway). I hooked the charged battery back up turned it over a couple times and boom she fired up. Funny part is that it fired up the very next time no problem and every time after. I guess it just needed to breath to remember what it was and come back to life. I can tell there is a lot more power there but I haven't pushed it yet. The new exhaust is giving me problems. The header pipe didn't fit. The holes were too small and the bend was off. I used a step bit for the holes and installed it only to discover the exhaust wouldn't fit on the end. The pipe was angled inward so the back shock was in the way. We had to heat and bend the pipe so the exhaust would have room but there isn't a way to attach the bracket to the swing arm. So now I need to fashion some sort of bracket so that the exhaust can get some support. I'm thinking maybe those headers are for a scoot with one rear shock. It sounds good but I don't want to leave it that way because it puts a lot of pressure on my exhaust studs. Let me know if anyone knows of a header pipe that would work with my scoot. After all that work finding out the pipe doesn't fit was pretty discouraging. Oh well I'll figure something out. My current carb is working pretty good but I'll probably look into upgrading it pretty soon. After that I think I'll be content with a smooth running scoot for a while. Can't wait to get all the panels put back on so it's complete again. Here are sThe exhaust is really nice looking by the way, just needs a bracket. I connected the pod filter with rubber and a clamp before I drove it but I don't have a picture. 
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  5. zombieninja added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    I checked my stock intake manifold today. The second nipple isn't open. It's just a, I don't know what the deal with it is. It's just a dummy nipple.
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  6. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    For sure! I can't wait to get it back together. My hands hurt and my fingernails are filthy but that feeling of accomplishment is worth it. It raining here today so I didn't get a lot done. I backed the intake rods out of the old head and installed them in the new one. I also got the new exhaust posts installed. I'm making sure I lock tight everything down as I put it back together except for inside the engine. I noticed today that my cooling shroud is too small now. Does anybody have a fix for this without having to purchase a new one? If I have to I will but I was wondering if I could get away with altering the old one. I know that the shroud is important so if anyone knows what to do please let me know. 
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  7. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    I picked up some copper gasket spray at Auto Zone. Thanks @DMartin95
    After removing the head and block putting it back together wasn't hard. I used a couple videos on DMartin95's YouTube channel to make sure I wasn't missing any steps. https://youtu.be/5w1y9-ZQggk & https://youtu.be/iiJfXE91Moc
    It's different parts but the same process. These two videos helped me quite a bit. 

    I've still got some work left to do but the hard part is over. This was definitely easier than I thought it would be. It's a lot of work but not hard. I plan on finishing this project up tomorrow. I just want to thank everyone that's helped me in this forum. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this without you guys. I knew if I ran into problems you guys would help me. I still have some work to do but I'm pretty sure the rest will go smoothly. I'll make sure I update with more pictures when I get it back together. I might be back for more questions when I go to start it up.
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  8. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    Let's get started! 

    I ended up dropping the engine. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Some wires, the back brake line, and three bolts is all that holds the engine in.

    I decided to work outside under the carport because the garage is full of my step dad's motorcycle projects. Without the rest of the scooter in the way removing the exhaust and engine shroud was a breeze. 

    After removing the shroud I removed the cover, the rocker arms, and finally the head. Look how filthy it is. 10,000km.

    Check out the piston. 

    Removing the (block?) was easy. It pulled right off and luckily the gasket pulled off with it. 

    Pulled out the clips and the pins came right out. 

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  9. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    I received the package today. Everything is is great shape and I plan on starting tomorrow. Great timing too because the weather just changed from the 90's to mid 70's. Thanks @DMartin95 for the heads up on the piston. I didn't know if I should remove the piston to check the rings or not. I may just do it to ease my own mind anyway. Since they're already installed all I would need to do is clock them if I do take the piston out, right? Anyway I am both excited and a little nervous to start this project. I'm just gonna take it one step at a time, take my time, and label everything I take apart. That way I won't lose anything or install the wrong bolts in the wrong spot. My step dad is in Vietnam right now so I have a whole motorcycle garage worth of tools at my disposal. I'll make sure I take pictures too and you guys be ready for more questions. 
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  10. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    Thank you for including everything. This will make it a lot easier for me. Should I drain the oil before starting? I planed on doing an oil change anyway but I'm not sure if it needs to be drained before hand. I'm going to attempt this upgrade without taking the engine completely out. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough room. I have/had one of those big air intake boxes that sit above the engine with a long hose leading to it. The rubber deteriorated so bad that it fell apart when I tried to remove it. So I'm gonna need a new free flow air filter. I'm also probably gonna need a new carb because I plan on installing the exhaust I bought from dmartin last fall. This is great. It'll be like a completely new engine. I already have a full NCY transmission kit, new tires,  and a 11 pole stator installed so this will put some power behind it. I also need a new belt to be safe. New center stand, fix the headlight switch and headlights. My list is long but I'll get it tackled. You know my city has an auction every 2nd and 3rd Monday of the month maybe I can find a cheap parts scooter. 
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  11. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    @ricardoguitars Thanks for your recommendation. I went ahead and bought the kit you mentioned. It's a little more expensive but I think I'll get my money's worth out of it. Replacing the whole head is the way to go. I'm just glad I had the extra cash to upgrade it as well as replace it. I might need some help on this one though. I'll have to rewatch some of @DMartin95's old videos to make sure I don't screw this up. It's all pretty much just bolt on,right?
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  12. zombieninja added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    I like that intake and since my stock intake is getting old and I'm thinking about upgrading my carb this might work. I have a question though. My current intake has two prots one going to the carb and the other running to my petcock. What would I need to do here?
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  13. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    I've got the exhaust already. I bought it from you but haven't installed it yet. The rubber for my stock air filter fell apart when I tried to remove it so a free flow air filter is definitely on the list and I was planning on upgrading the carb with the exhaust and filter. So my only question for you is, how much is it and where do I send the money? The Taida/NCY sounds like an awesome combo and may be exactly what I'm looking for. 

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  14. zombieninja added a post in a topic Spark plug troubles   

    Yeah I'm sorry I haven't been checking in. I've just been really busy with work here lately. I had some medical stuff come up also. I had to get an ICD in my chest because of some kind of hereditary heart issues. I'm doing good now though. 
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  15. zombieninja added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    Spark plug troubles
    Well this isn't good. My spark plug has blown out of the head. Maybe I over tightened it? I'm not sure because it's been a while since I've even checked the plug and I'm usually very careful. Anyway I stripped the bike down and took off the shroud to get a better look. It's definitely stripped. I could do the whole insert deal but that would involve taking the head off anyway so I figured why not just replace it? I need help picking out the parts. I need to know everything I'm going to need to make it right. I have a 150cc with a stock 157 QMJ engine. Do I need a head with new valves? Should I get new valves even if I don't need them? This engine has 10,000 km on it so I'm thinking I should replace everything within reason without tearing down the engine any farther. Should I buy a kit with a bigger bore since I'm tearing down anyway? I don't want to do any modification/machining. @DMartin95 I know you know your parts I don't want anything cheap and badly made but I also don't want to break the bank. So what do you guys think?

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