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  1. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Roller, clutch springs and main clutch spring   

     it leaves the rollers last on the list to tune, i would say do all three since you only want to tune it once. But there are times where all three are not what you are looking for in the setup. I play safe having the longest ratio given with the shortest clutch grab I can get, so I have the red contra, blue clutch, and I do believe 12g rollers(can't remember they may be 10/12 mix)
    And you are right there is no set order to do it but every time you change something you have to tune it. I like the set and forget, less time off the road. 
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  2. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic What's the best way you've found to bleed scooter brakes?   

    Best tool to have, though I like the mightyvac
    Or my buddy has good luck with these if anyone knows the size
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  3. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Roller, clutch springs and main clutch spring   

     my opinion
    Contra, clutch, then the rollers
    Contra- how long you want to go through the gears(ratio)
    Clutch- rpm set point for the grabbing the bell
    Rollers- heavy enough to push through the full clutch but not too early before the clutch grab
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  4. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Carb questions   

    It was at a junction point, not even covered, just so happened to be another junction point that wasn't even an inch away. I do believe it was the stator wires crossing the ground. 
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  5. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Carb questions   

    Hey guys been a while for me in here finally getting things settled at my new place.
    I would suggest going with Dan on the eBay carbs, at least for testing before dropping any serious money on a carb. If you contacted some of those sellers could ask to buy two sizes for a better rate(or at least shipping cost cheaper)
     Hey Dan you got any recommendations on those O2 sensors and meters, at least something worth getting that won't kill my wallet like my wife does lol. Been having serious troubles getting mine to run at idle, stripped everything off the bike where only the frame and cargo on it come to find out I've been sparking/arcing some wires causing trouble. So replacing it all so might as well get some other things.
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  6. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic The 232cc 18hp project   

     honestly I'd go ahead and grab from Dan, no need searching when he has everything laid out for you already and wouldn't steer his customers wrong. As for which one you have currently how many wires does yours have?
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  7. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Slide Carb Conversion   

    i really wanted to test some lengths out to see what benefits this had. Have any insite?
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  8. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic oil spray   

    Too much oil? Never really heard of it spraying that much, I'll have a few spurts here and there but it don't fill the fuel filter I have mounted and it goes back into the engine when it's off.
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  9. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic scooter newb from cincinnati   

    Go ahead, we love seeing build threads, I need to get off my but and post my Nibbi build up.
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  10. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic sub-forum for builds?
    This would be the best section to go to. 
    I do agree with having different sections for the different activities, but it would thin out each section and wouldn't look like an active forum with how small it is currently. I'm sure that with time that this forum will rank up to be with the best, and bouncing from forum to forum I have seen Dan's work show up from time to time. This has been the most informative forum even in it's early stage that I have ever been to, and thanks to Dan and all the information that he has collected over the time I've never known so much from every part of the GY6 that I have asked and what other members have asked.
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  11. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic Rear Shock's   

     Yeah slowly but surely, every bolt is replaced to grade 8. May not need it for every part but I would rather not have to worry about it.
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  12. BLK8WDW added a topic in General Tech Advice   

    Hydraulic brake question
    So I'm looking around at some new brake levers and I have dual disk. Well finding a decent, and cheaper than what I'm finding, pair of levers is not an easy task. So I has an ideas......... no it's not a typo it's just my redneck way of saying it.
    So my idea is to take one line out, take out the left side and combine the hydraulics into a T fitting using only the right lever for braking. So to anyone who has experience would this work? 
    Only thing I could see a problem is distributing constant pressure at the rate it was supposed to be pushing, but I don't think there is that much pressure being applied. I also am thinking of putting a regulator on the rear assembly so that more pressure is forced in the front, I tend to like using more front pressure than rear. 
    So what you guys think, am I ok to do this or you thinking bad idea.
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  13. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic What to do, ...What to do......   

  14. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic orange performance no rev limit orange CDI for DC system   

    Most 50cc-150cc are interchangeable, my brother had one for his 50cc till he got rid of it and I snatched it. Worked on my 150cc till I did other things to my bike.
    It's the AC/DC that are not interchangeable.
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  15. BLK8WDW added a post in a topic piston trouble   

    There is quite a bit of carbon build up on the piston for only 1500-Ml! Or maybe that my crappy computer monitor?
    Is there anything in the crank arm that would have help the splitting of the pin? Kind of odd it looks almost perfect split so there may have been something digging into it, or a crack you didn't see?
    Off the wall question, any advance timing CDI installed?
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