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  1. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    The 28mm CVK should be fine with good jetting. I have always wanted to get into the whole ecotrons and fuel injection on a small scale engine, but time has not been my friend for the past few years so I only get time to barely put things together. Let us know how the new CVK works with the setup, post some pics.
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  2. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    To get the most out of the build, I'd say the best move would be to get a larger carb. I saw great improvements moving to a larger carb on my 155cc build, I used a PWK 26 Nibbi slide carb and have not regretted it. I would like to try moving to a 28mm carb and see how the motor likes it. Dan has a new line of Mikuni carbs that should really bring these motors to life.
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  3. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Hey all   

    It's good to have you back Dan, really sorry to hear how things are right now but it will get better. 
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  4. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where did Dan go?   

    Hey guys I'm trying my best to get onto Dan, I've tried every outlet possible. I got something off the site but need to contact him regarding the order. If anyone can help me get contact with him I'd appreciate it. 
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  5. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where did Dan go?   

    hey Fifty I've tried the email address, it isn't even allowing me to send an email to it. Really hope everything is ok
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  6. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where did Dan go?   

    I'll have to try that email address and see whats up.
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  7. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where did Dan go?   

    Hey carbide, I am also concerned too man, I hope everything is doing ok with him, I've tried to reach out to him also. I know the guys say he is really busy and I believe the shop is still up and running. Not sure if anyone can give us some insight or at least let us know he's doing well. We're always here to support you Dan
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  8. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    I've had the thought of doing compressed air since my early teens and recently found a youtube video with a grey camaro with the guys talking about Compressed Air Supercharging. 
    I like the idea of using it on a small displacement engine as the air supply should last longer, but of course they use 2 large tanks and we will be limited to a smaller sized tank.
    I would like to have it as only a demand, so maybe armed with a switch but then get stuck with running rich.
    Maybe we can get Bubs and Dan to create some software and sensor pack that will do some closed loop system to control volume output from the air regulator to maintain a specific manifold pressure using an air pressure or map sensor. Will also have to use a momentary switch that will only activate the system at WOT with the system armed, and a correctly sized T manifold with actuated valve in front the carb to lock off the air from atmosphere and allow flow from the regulator to pressurize the carb and manifold.
    I will have to get one or two extra engines to test on cause I see things going boom.
    Will be a great project though. I can also use the air pump for my PCP airgun to recharge the air tanks for free.
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  9. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Air filter intake tube? Aftermarket exhaust bracket?   

    Damn Piston, what is that billet beast, we need details man. Looks like a sweet dragster
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  10. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    I'm not 100% sure where this build will end up, but I plan to use it daily. So I guess I can't go too crazy, but then again everything is relative. I have to travel 30km one way to work in fairly heavy traffic in the morning and am free in the evening. The speed limit has increased and I was making 100-110 with the previous setup but at WOT with the 155BBK and performance head.
    I would really like to get somewhere in the range of 140 plus if possible. I plan to get the head and piston coated
    The CPI GTR150 which has 16inch wheels can hit 135 with an air filter and pipe upgrade and stock everything else. I have a good friend with one, I can blow him away till I top out my gearing.
    I would really like to get a stroker kit and a bigger BBK in the long run. I may get another engine to play with for that though
    I also wanted to know your thoughts on compressed air supercharging instead of nitrous.
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  11. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    hey guys, its time to make some serious decisions about an engine replacement. Straight up I cant afford the Taida kit my budget just can't handle it. I'll be coming up at the end of March and decided to get a replacement and save on shipping. 
    I was looking at the SSP-G 180 kit I saw but its too many missing items for me to piece together. I emailed Dan but I know he is busy, I'm not sure if he still has the same SSP-G kit he had in his Youtube videos. If I blow 500US on the kit I still dont have a crank and half the other things I need to piece together the engine, my donor CPI engine uses everything that isnt on the 157qmj down to the bearings and seals.
    Anyway I may get stuck with getting a 157QMJ long case and a few parts to hop it up. I'm thinking a Taida 61mm BBK, Performance head to match, cam, CVT kit and a good carb and gears. 
    Let me know if anyone has contact with Dan, I know he had some CVT kits before but I dont see any on the site anymore. 
    Im open for ideas and suggestions. 
    I dont have the time to convert to a 250 or 300 bike engine, I'm not even sure where to get a complete one with carb and everything on it. So I'm stuck with the GY6
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  12. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Glixal 170cc Big Bore Kit   

    Hey there Kachi's Kid, welcome to the forum, I have a 125cc A block, and first used a Glixal big bore kit without having to machine to take me up to 155cc, but the kit was designed to be installed without boring the case. I had great success with the kit, I ran it for months till one day the case bolts loosened from vibration and lost all the oil. It wasn't any fault of the Glixal kit. I had to replace the cylinder and piston though, everything got destroyed.
    I replaced with a drop in Taida 155cc, and it is great. I also got a matching performance head to go with the cylinder with larger valves and runners, it is well worth the money. I've been running this combo for a few months now and pound on the engine daily. I run at WOT for around 15 to 20 mins to and from work, between 90-100km/hr. and the cylinder and head take it really well. 
    I may move up to a 61mm kit in the future, but considering I have the smaller A block, I will have a thinner skirt than what you have with your B block, reliability may become an issue in my case considering the riding conditions. 
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  13. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Will A Performace A8 or A14 Cam Work On A Stock 150cc GY6 Head?   

    Hey Piston, I was thinking about talking to Tim Isky to do a custom cam for a gy6 engine, maybe one of their black mamba cams or daddy mamba grinds, should be a lot of fun. whats your take on it. at least we will know what we are putting in and also know its done right
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  14. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    I took off the ground and sanded it, it had some glazed crud on it. I put it back on started up for about a minute and refuses to start.
    I changed the CDI this morning so I doubt two CDI's just happen to go bad at the same time. 
    Maybe the coil, I'll have to check the resistance once I'm home
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  15. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    Good point, I will take the ground off and wire brush it to ensure a good connection, will do that at lunch, I'll have to get a new CDI to eliminate the CDI question entirely.
    what do you think about the coil and the polarity? I found it so strange that it would run basically the same with the wires switched.
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