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  1. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Had a bad crash yesterday   

    Thats great to hear, still take it easy and take your time to recover.
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  2. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    Hey fifty, yes I marked the variator face from before so I know where stock was, and I'll have to recheck once I reach home to see if there was more belt climb or not.
    Also I used a dremel tool and about an hour of finger sanding to get the transition and finish I wanted
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  3. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    Finally got a picture to upload, so here it is in its modified state. Note that the extended ramps have sliders in them and not rollers. Because the walls don't extend far enough to the outside, the rollers will be laterally unbraced at full extend. I have to take a few more photos and maybe a video to further explain the why I did what I did. The sliders still have enough holding on for the lateral. Ok I'll start the write up on this as a separate thread.
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  4. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    Definitely doing a write up on this variator mod, whether it works or not. I saw a 5km/hr increase with the first thing I did. I continued modifying last night, but couldn't run hard this morn, a lot of rain, so had to take my time. I did a 2 stage variator, I guess its similar to the Kidnme DR2. I wanna test to see the response before I continue to do the other 3 ramps.
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  5. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CPI Oliver 125 Mods   

    been doing a few things in the background anytime I get the chance. last few weeks before the flood, could never get the engine to behave, had to raise the idle and fought to and from work. Turned out the waste to time fuel pump poo itself and blew the diaphragm sending fuel into the vacuum hose. I didnt have time to tap or braze on a new hose barb so I just drilled out the fuel feed and plugged the vacuum side with a hose and a nut. Gravity feeding great and hasn't missed a beat since. 
    Threw a new OKO 30mm on her and dialed her in with an AEM wideband sensor I got when I visited in March. I got the mixture just stoich at idle and cruise with a 12 .25 WOT. I dont have a smaller main right now and I can't get onto Dan to order jets. 
    I've thrown on a new NCY clutch (with a new stock sheave setup) and 1500 contra spring this morning. The threads on my old clutch sheave 1.5in stripped out and shot me in the chest taking off the clutch bell nut. The back wheel was locking up all the damn time so that explains it, the contra spring was directly loading the clutch bell. Dont ask me how I did it, I dont know, but at least you dont have to get shot in the chest too.
    I started to tune the variator also, I'll do a little write up of the process I'm doing to achieve this. I'll retake some speed measurements on the way home to verify increase in belt rise. 
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  6. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Had a bad crash yesterday   

    damn bro really sorry to hear, glad you and the young lady are safe. We've lost two riders in two weeks down here. Really grim at the moment. Get some rest and heal up. 
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  7. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic CDI test   

    Great video as usual, I got the stock CDI best time at 15 secs (first run), Orange CDI at 14 sec (1st run) and the blue "racing CDI at 11secs (first run)
    All the 2nd runs are slower, the blue had the greatest variance with 2-3secs as compared to the stock (2 sec variance) and orange (1 sec variance)
    nevertheless, great video, I agree with Piston, I would like to see a timing light to see the change in the timing curve.
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  8. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic What are you drinking tonight?   

    This looks great Ricardo, I lost half my collection in the flood. Was hoping to have a glass of scotch but the wife just called to say she is by the in laws, I may have to settle for a good old Carib (our flagship beer)
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  9. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    this looks great, what is the peak current the controller can output. Its the cost of all the components, thats why I haven't been able to justify it to myself as yet. 
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  10. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic I love this stuff   

    I'll take a look for this, but I've never seen anything like disc brake quiet ever sold locally.
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  11. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where's everyone?   

    Thats a real tough one bro, I'm glad you and your lady are back on your feet and making some great progress. Life really throws some things at you, it all depends on what you are going to do after. Like Fidy said, so many people don't recover, or have a really hard time recovering from a life changing blow, but we need to be survivors, I think everyone on this forum definitely is. My investment got screwed in the flood also, I built a CNC router with two friends from university, need to fix it. 
    Don't wanna sounds sappy here, but its good to have you guys support even 100's of miles away, big respect to all of you.
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  12. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic I love this stuff   

    Hey guys, we dont have this stuff down here, is there anything else I can try? A thin layer of silicone maybe?
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  13. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where's everyone?   

    Thats for sure Fidy, can't ask for more than that, reminds us that in this life the material doesn't matter. Don't mess with my scoot though, lol
    Man we were only supposed to have two days of rain due to an ITCZ, which is usual. Turned into three days of a non stop poo storm. I personally blame the wife, we got flooded on her birthday. This could have been a lot worse, the water started to come up in the roads around 11pm, by 2am the beds were covered. We were lucky I was up and started to try and organize everything. The roads were impassable so I couldn't get the car out. I haven't gotten my jack stands as yest so I jacked the car on two heights of concrete blocks. The car still got water over the seats, but I saved the ECU. Scoot was lifted onto an old couch in the garage, water came up a few inches below the breather for the transmission. Fridge on blocks, raised our bed using the dining room chairs, water still came up to the top of the boxing. We had 3 feet of water in under an hour and a half. We spent the night on the bed, but when I saw water was still rising, I evacuated the wife and daughter. Water in the road came up to chest height at the start, by the time I turned the corner to get to the neighbour's 2 story house water cut just over my shoulder with some of the craziest currents I ever felt. Had to take some really short steps, holding the daughter over my head. 
    I'm not sure what would happen to us if we ever got hit by a tropical storm or even worse a hurricane. Other places across the country got water to the roof. A real mess. I don't fuss much, I'm grateful I can at least rebuild, we have a lot of support from friends and family (you all included). Got up this morning with the urge to modify the stock variator, but I need a new bearing for my dremel.
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  14. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic Where's everyone?   

    Hey guys, finally back in action, we got flooded out really badly two weekends ago Nation wide disaster, lost almost everything in the house. Was able to save the wife and kid, a bed, the fridge, some clothes, my scoot and the dogs. My folks two streets over only have the clothes on their backs, nothing else. They got over 4 feet of water through the house compared to my 3. Been a real tough one, only got the family back in the house last night. It's gonna be a slow come back.
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  15. bcyprian25 added a post in a topic GY6 High Performance Clutch Install   

    Great video as usual brother, keep them coming.
    Piston needs to let out some secrets on how to get that belt to climb higher, I am tuning mine constantly, I had one of my setups like this. I'm breaking in a 60mm BBk right now so I'm not killing her too much :D
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