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  1. Lyavon added a post in a topic Trikes   

    I just found this Harley muffler on Ebay. Could it possibly be the same or close to one on IceBear???

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  2. Lyavon added a post in a topic Trikes   

    Ran into an issue not that long ago: right muffler pipe fell off while riding. I patched it up a little bit (just tied it to a base), but this is a temp solution and I got a quote for a new one at $260, which is a little much for me. So just wanted to ask if there are another muffler pipes I can use instead of this one or if anyone has made any modifications? I'm attaching pics of what a pipe looks like broken off, just for your viewing pleasure. If at all possible show some pictures of any mods anyone might have done, I'm more of a visual person. Thanks in advance for replies.

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  3. Lyavon added a post in a topic Trikes   

    Here is another question. Has anyone ran into an issue with IceBears where you can't shift into "Forward" gear and it's just screeching and won't go forward? At this time I usually switch into Reverse, but then, when I put it in forward again it's going backwards. Takes a while and a few attempts to finally get it to switch into a right gear. Sometimes I just start in Forward and then it works like a charm, but I suspect that it'll be killing my transmission in a long run. Any suggestions or advices would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  4. Lyavon added a post in a topic Trikes   

    Hello good people of this forum. Got a couple of questions for all of you or some of you. I have a 2014 Icebear Zodiac 300cc and I've seen a different trunk on one red bike here. I have the regular, round one, but I like that square with back rest. Could you tell me which one is used and where can I acquire one? Another question - I'm 6'2" and sometimes stretching my legs while riding is a problem. Has anyone thought or might give any suggestions on how I can put highway pegs (and where to attach them) so I can fully stretch my legs while riding. All responses are welcome and appreciated. Thanks much!
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