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  1. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Thought of you Piston...   

    This is what you can do with four electric motors running each wheel independently:
    Here are some specs that Schaeffler released about the vehicle:
    Motors from the Abt Schaeffler FE01 Formula E racing car (season II)Integration of four electric motors with a power output of 220 kW each (Pmax)Overall power output of 880 kW (approx. 1,200 PS)MGU with 320 Nm of peak torqueFrom 0 to 200 km/h in less than 7 secondsSelective wheel driveBattery capacity: 64 kWhConcept and overall vehicle design: Schaeffler TechnologiesOverall design and manufacturing of the gearbox: Schaeffler EngineeringVehicle design: Schaeffler Technologies & ABT SportslineMotor and gearbox efficiency of approx. 95 percent under full-load conditions
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  2. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic DFW Texas Scooter Club   

    Chuckus = Chinese Ruckus (clone)
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  3. MJSfoto1956 added a topic in Non Scooter related   

    Thought of you Piston...
    This guys seems to be cut from the same cloth as you Piston!
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  4. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    Sketch of possible future dash, showing PowerVelocity software running on 7" Samsung Tab A for scale.
    Also showing positioning of CycleAnalyst V3 mounted below.

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  5. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    The photo of the wiring is AFTER I spent 2hrs cleaning it up!
    You should have seen it before! :P
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  6. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    This is why I am going to start by replacing the controller first -- I want to rewire everything anyway so I might as well "get it right" first time around. Later I will add a more powerful motor (from the same manufacturer QSmotor) then last-but-not-least, replace the battery pack. It might take me a year or more to complete, but I will begin this fall with the controller and wiring.
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  7. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    The other thing you discover is that the Chinese "engineers" are sending 72v up to the handlebars! ("We don't need no stickin' relays!")
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  8. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic eZuma   

    First things first. One must understand the wiring you are dealing with.
    I spent about 2 hrs cleaning up the tangled mess that goes for Chinese wiring in these bikes.
    At this point, I actually think I understand how most of it works! :P

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  9. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    the current motor is 2000w, which is enough to go 30mph. I'm guessing 8000w is what I will need to do 55-60mph on the flats. Needless to say, I'll also need a new controller. After I get it "working" I can then start focusing on replacing the AGM batteries with lithium. But first is the motor + controller. 
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  10. MJSfoto1956 added a topic in Projects you're working on   

    So I thought I'd start a different thread for my new "eZuma" as opposed to the petrol-sipping "JayZee".
    I'll start with a photo from day 1 -- directly after picking up via Craigslist.
    Notice the heavy use of decorative plastics and decals.
    Not to my taste. Those will have to go. I like my bikes naked!

    So 24 hrs later, my busy hands were happy to remove the extraneous decorative plastics and decals. Note: it was easy to remove the decals: 20 secs each with a heat gun was enough to loosen 'em up, then just peal away.
    This "bare bones" state is where I begin the journey.

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  11. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    It is the actual bike, but I superimposed the 13" wheels from my current scooter so I could calculate the geometry differences between the two. Today I removed about ten pounds of decorative plastic from the bike as well as removed those god-awful stickers. Now it is starting to look more naked, which is in keeping with the original Zuma concept. Surprisingly, the bike has lots more storage for batteries than I originally assumed. The current swingarm will allow a 13" rim for a slightly taller tire (and consequently taller "gearing"). But I'm contemplating a 14" rim which would require a new swingarm. Decisions, decisions...
    Next up: start designing an affordable lithium pack that will fit the frame space as is, and one that will allow me to travel at 55mph and 40+ miles. Going to be fun!
    P.S. the 2nd photo is how I might treat the rear end on this bike.

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  12. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    A new sibling arrive today via Craigslist to keep my petrol-sipping JayZee company: a 2017 Baodiao 72v 2000w Zuma clone. A bit abused and rusty (not uncommon for Chinese scooters here in the US). But more surprisingly, also a bit "stretched" from the original Zuma dimensions that I've come to love -- i.e. wheelbase is approximately 6 1/2" longer (see comparison photos). Seems that the Chinese like their street scooters a bit longer than the Japanese. Anyway, this bike will be my test bed for building an electric scooter worthy of eventually being my daily driver. Details to come over the next few months as I tinker with it in the basement.

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  13. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    my latest calculations suggest a top speed of around 100kph on the flats using an 8kw motor with my bike. With a 50ah battery I should be able to do 50 miles at the local speed limits nearby which is enough for my purposes. I hope to do this next year sometime.
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  14. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic Jiajue Zuma Clone (a.k.a "JayZee")   

    Just a rough sketch as to what a future electric conversion might look like...

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  15. MJSfoto1956 added a post in a topic 171cc Speed Run   

    I think he means the stripper Pastie Kline... :P
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