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    GY6 Hybrid Rebuild
    Seeking some advice from the collective wisdom on the forum. I am rebuilding a microlight engine that is based on GY6 internals. It has some custom machined parts, but appears to be mostly standard GY6. The issue I have is that none of the parts have any identifying markings, so it's hard to know exactly what configuration has been used.Here are some measurements
    The crankcase has been machined to 65mm. The bore is 62mm and it appears to be a standard crank with a stroke of 58.5mm. This gives a displacement of 175cc.
    Stud spacing is 54mm (A block)
    Cylinder height (base gasket to head gasket) is 69.4mm
    Head height is 73.23mm
    Cam chain is 92 links
    Two valve head IN 26.5mm EX 23.2mm
    Camshaft unknown, but it has a slotted drive sprocket
    Carb bore is 24mm.
    I am thinking of using all Taida parts for the rebuild. Looking for reliability rather than more power.
    I have already ordered a 58.5 (standard) Taida crank from MM.
    Contemplating fitting a X13 - Taida GY6 Cylinder 62mm 174.5cc Big Bore Kit any advantage is going to the X14 forged piston?
    What length studs do I need?
    Is 92 links the right length cam chain for the Taida head?
    Anything else I should think about?
    Many thanks
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