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  1. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic What you packing   

    Are these things so unreliable that you really need two semis and a SnapOn van to follow you around all the time?!
    +1 on the .45.  (Sig P220 compact though)
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  2. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Next up, who wants to come up with the Rep system?   

    Hang on while I go edit the database and set mine for   [Insert Dr.Evil] One MILLION points!
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  3. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Is this exhaust 2 or 4 stroke?   

    I fell out of love with fleabay, after a few thousand purchases, when I bought a knife.  It took two months to get it, it wasn't as advertised, and in the intervening time he went from 10 reviews, 100% positive to 500+ reviews, 1% positive (!).  
    I wrote the most detailed negative review I could in the space, strictly factual.  He complained about all those negative reviews to eBay, convinced them we were all sock puppets for competitors, and without even contacting me, after more than a decade of nothing but glowing reviews for me, eBay decided to just delete my review... ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER NEGATIVE REVIEW.  And they still gave him the star for 500+ positive reviews!  
    They completely invalidated any trust and I moved on.
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  4. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Gear review after crash   

    I think it's an appropriate word; and agree that's pretty gnarly.  I'd still advise not laying around dwelling on it.  If I found myself dwelling on it, I'd go order new gear, or tweak on the new bike, or something else with a familiar feel that kept me from getting the heebygeebies.  
    I think you just have to want it more than you are scared of it.
    When we'd really yard sale it [think about the visual of that expression...], the team required that not only would we get cleared by the medical doc, but we'd have to get cleared by the shrink.  It really can mess you up if you let it.
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  5. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Gear review after crash   

    You've gotta get back on and go hard before you have time to think about it.  If you start getting in your own head, it's going to be really hard to recover.
    I learned that quickly in [bi]cycling.  Ride through the roadrash and don't take the time to get inside your own head.  [that said: you can take it too far too, and hurt yourself for keeps; it ended my cycling career riding through what ended-up being a spiral fracture in my left arm and a wrist broken in multiple places.  Moral to that story is don't be young and stupid and hopped-up on endorphins and adrenaline. ;)
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  6. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Is this exhaust 2 or 4 stroke?   

    AFAIK, and I put this here so the experts can correct me:
    The difference is pretty easy to spot.  Four stroke would have a straight pipe to the silencer, a two stroke would have an expansion chamber in between.
    Internally the packing is also different so you don't want to make that mistake (for a handful of good reasons, but not burning it up comes immediately to mind)
    If I were to stand back twenty feet, I'd tell you that was a 2 stroke exhaust.
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  7. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Ahhh relaxation...   

    Darn life intruding on life!
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  8. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Boost Bottles?   

    [No slight to you, Zombie', you called it for what I suspect it is right off the bat: "Snake oil nonsense".  Although... I have snake oil petroleum here, it's MUCH better for motor oil.  Gives the rings a lot more bite.  Wanna buy some?]  [Cackle!]
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  9. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Boost Bottles?   

    I think Katastroff[ie] has the right of it.
    The theory (as I am lead to understand it) is that in a two stroke engine, as combustion is ongoing and the piston is forced down toward the bottom of the crank case, a small amount of fuel-air mixture is driven by compression toward the carb before the intake is fully closed.
    In theory, that already enriched mixture that is pushed back from the intake port, passes by the needle again, and more fuel is mixed in, creating a small amount of fuel-air that is "over-rich".  
    Allegedly the boost bottle "accepts" that previously-enriched mixture, somehow siphoning off the pressure, and limiting the amount of over-enriched atmosphere which is added to the next cycle.
    OK:  1: Where's the vacuum?  All you've done is enlarge that chamber.  With no vacuum, you have the same atmosphere you had to start with, it's just larger.  It's a closed system, you're not venting it to the external atmosphere, you're just somehow "storing it".   2: there's a lot of BS about "pressure waves" and dissipating the "pressure wave".  TANSTAAFL - the energy contained in that "exhalation" needs to be converted to work, shunted off into a FAR larger system (the external atmosphere), or it's waiting there as back pressure (although honestly I don't see enough back pressure there to do much...)  As soon as the chamber is reopened the atmosphere in the bottle versus the crank case(or more likely given pressure, the combustion chamber, which was its destination anyway) is going to equalize, effectively returning your over-rich mixture you allegedly store in the bottle from whence it came, and we're back to where we started - see: TANSTAAFL and "closed system".
    The most I could see happening is for the effect to be delayed one cycle (assuming the bottle displacement equals the engine displacement), which would create a lope if the theory of over-rich intake mixture is to be believed.  You'd effectively get double the over-rich mixture every-other cycle.  That could be really bad on the rings, and screw with the delicate timing balance..  Again, though, I just don't see it as enough of a "solution" to even get there since the fluid dynamics of the path to the bottle versus intake chamber (velocity and pressure gradients for a large straight shot versus a tiny hose in a bent path) is going to even work that way.
    IMHO, any advantage to this would be a placebo effect... You believe the money that you spent bought you a more smoothly running engine, so you hear a more smoothly running engine.  Personally, I'd need to see independent dynos and independent shaft timing measurements before I bought something like that.  If you want a hundred dollar placebo pill, more power to you (figuratively, of course!), personally I've never seen an explanation that passes the physics scratch-and-sniff.
    I leave you with this little bit of healthy skepticism:  You're Honda or Yamaha - if you could gain five or six miles an hour for your bike, and smooth its cycle, simply by increasing the volume of your intake, wouldn't you, oh, I don't know... Increase the volume of your intake?!?!  They spend millions on CFD for airflow around the bike, for design of the engine and exhaust, heck, the spend millions figuring out what color trim is going to make you buy the sucker.  They've already figured this out and dismissed it, and I'm reasonably certain that modeling it in a CFD package is going to do a better job of visualizing it than I can do in my head in a few seconds...
    [edit]  If it DID exist, a tiny amount of nitrous would "solve" that problem, now wouldn't it?  ;)
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  10. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Ahhh relaxation...   

    At $280/night - why bother coming home?!?
    And why would you?!?!
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  11. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Gear review after crash   

    That could have been a _very bad day_!
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  12. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic a true barn find   

    I'm just here following the mob.  Someone stuck a torch in my hand, no idea why, but suddenly I wanna set some one on FIRE!  :p
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  13. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Best Method for storing tires.   

    I don't know about all that - but I've got a mean shopvac, and I'm always lookin' for a place to get away with using it!  ;)
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  14. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Best Method for storing tires.   

    From my racing days - +1 for the "body bags", but will add if you get them thick enough that you can hold the mouth (bag, not yours! [shiver]) over a shopvac and pull the air out of them.  Simultaneously twist 'em off and yoink the cord of the shopvac out with your foot. ;) 
    Bonus points for tossing a desiccant in there first if your part of the world is high humidity. Don't get carried away, completely dry rubber is brittle disintegrated rubber.  I wouldn't do it unless I was at a hundred percent humidity when I was storing them, and then only a small amount to grab the water from the air instead of the tire.
    Those bags are not totally air-tight for long term, but pretty close for six months or so.  Store the bag in the ubiquitous (if mystical) "a cool dry place".  UV will disintegrate the bags faster than you'd think.  
    The Bridgestone [our sponsor] engineers were pretty impressed with my "hillbilly engineering"... ;)  One of those tires cost more than some of these scooters, and we'd go through a dozen and more some weekends(!).
    [Sorry, other than the "shopvac", I reread your post and I probably didn't add much other than one +1 you Piston'.  :( ]
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  15. Ms_Anne_Thrope added a post in a topic Gear review after crash   

    Agreed - I see people on big bikes like mine (I ride a 900RR @ 929) in flipflops, shorts, and a muscle shirt.
    I've laid the big beast down a couple times at stupid speeds both on the track and on the street, and I can tell you:  shake my head a couple times to quiet down the bells ringing, curse a thousand dollars in leather ground into a few hundred feet of pavement, and walk away.  That thousand dollars of leather hurts a lot more when it's your skin!
    Like I say - I'm glad you ride smart!  The kevlar jeans are pretty awesome, I wasn't aware of those, and I'll remember them for when I ride into work so thanks for the heads-up on those!
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