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  1. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    The engine is totally together and the tranny is in pieces. The engine turns over nicely with the starter (and yes I have oil in the right places). The new chains and guides were a good call. I'm taking Dan's advice and I'll run the 8 pole for awhile while I get the new harness sorted out.
    The crankcase halves had a little play in the dowels so before I torqued the bolts I twisted the case towards perfect. Now the cylinder can be installed by hand. The reason the Taida had to be hammered in the first time is the skirt dia is 62.7mm and the stock cylinder is 62.4mm. The case bore is 63mm with the slight mismatch.
    The tranny looks much better than I expected. I assumed the input shaft bearing was toast but it's lookin' snazzy!
    In the end, the reasons I took it apart were bogus but it put the firecracker up my  to check over and replace known wear components.
    I also enjoyed figuring out the oiling system in the engine. The way the crank pin is oiled is genus and the dividers in the crankcase must control oil fog similar to a racing engine. For a $500 scooter engine, coming from a guy who only knows GX200s, it is very impressive. 
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  2. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    Got the timing chain, crankshaft, and oil pump back in today. Pretty straight forward.
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  3. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    Got most of the ASW order today. I ordered new engine plastics 'cause they were cheap but now they're backordered. Not their fault.
    There are little rubber edges that they call gaskets that seal the gap between the plastics and the valve cover. The old design was two gaskets, one on the top plastic, one on the bottom. The new design is just one piece to cover the whole thing. Their website lists a top and bottom gasket separately so I ordered both but got two of the new design.
    Then I ordered the crankcase and transmission gaskets. Well the monkeys at ASW decided it was a good idea to put adhesive stickers (and the kind that actually work) on both faces of each gasket. Okay, it helps inventory but how is it supposed to seal with a piece of printer paper glued to a bigger piece of printer paper? 
    Thanks for letting me rant.
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  4. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    It might just be capped off.
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  5. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic And so it begins   

    This is pretty much what I did with my Carbide. I used the JTR273.39 and drilled my own holes for the driven. I use the JTF569 family for the driver. Being able to switch out drivers in 5 minutes is quite the luxury!
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  6. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    I must be in the middle. I use a lot of those "creature comforts" (except video games and smartphones), but I try to remind myself not to get sucked into them like the rest.
    One thing to remember, there are less of the mindless people out there than you might think. A good portion of people out there are just like us right here. But who makes more "noise?" Is it us talking to each other about scooters or somebody shooting up a school on a facebook live stream? It's the sad truth. It's also how Trump took the win when the polls and news said he couldn't. Silent majority?
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  7. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    GoDaddy, ASW, Facebook...
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  8. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    The webstore is history now. About time, GoDaddy!
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  9. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    I agree facebook sucks. Instagram, SnapShat, Twitter,...they all suck. The only reason I joined facebook was to ask questions on a live stream from OldMiniBikes and give Dan a like. Other than that, it's dead to me. Block the email notifications.
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  10. TheDullCarbide added a topic in Taida Performance parts.   

    X06 61mm "No Case Mod" BBK with Cast Piston Review and Install
    This is a review and install of the Taida X06 61mm "No Case Mod" Big Bore Kit that comes with the Cast Piston. Sit back and enjoy! 
    A picture of all of the contents from the kit:

    The contents include the cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, timing chain tensioner gasket, 61mm crush-type head gasket, 0.035" base gasket, 0.020" base gasket, and a Taida sticker.
    Taida prides themselves on having the piston already installed in the cylinder when you pull it out of the box. They say they do this so you don't have to when you install the kit. For the picture I just took it apart and I'm glad I did. When you install a piston, you typically want to clock the rings to help sealing and other reasons that @Pistonguy could elaborate on. When I took mine apart, the first and second rings were only 20* apart and facing toward the intake valve and the three parts of the oil ring had the gaps right on top of each other. I won't go any farther than to say that this is WRONG. That being said, the rings were gapped correctly from factory. I guess my assembler was a bit tired? 
    Moving on, we have beautiful machining on the components. The deck surface of the cylinder is ground to a mirror finish minus the scratching I put on it by setting it upside-down on the workbench. The crosshatch in the cylinder is spot-on. Here's some pics of the machining job:

    One little hiccup in the machining was in the thru-holes for the cylinder studs. First, the holes were drilled, then deburred, and THEN counterbored for the dowels. This meant the counterbores for the dowels were left with a hard edge while the other holes were deburred.  A light pass of the 82* countersink took care of that.
    Much more to come. Stick around for more nitpicking and forced laughs!
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  11. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    The ASW gasket order is in and I'm waiting for that useless discount code they send you AFTER the fact. Gotta love em'.
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  12. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    Just remembered this lil doohickey:

    So a little of this:

    And a little of this:

    And it's out! Woohoo!
    Tonight's episode of "Idiot and an Engine" is brought to you by Kodak. "You press the button, we do the rest."

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  13. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Typical 150cc GY6 Switched 12v DC Circuits   

    Those pictures you're making are stunningly clean! This is what should be in scooter manuals.
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  14. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic The Worst "Case" Scenario   

    Uhhhh I don't have the tamper proof bit for an allen head bolt with no head or bolt...

    Also, any comment on the starter clutch? What type does it look like I have?
    And DANG! That's the best lookin' picture that Kodak has ever taken!
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  15. TheDullCarbide added a post in a topic Engine Design and modification   

    So that's why pistons have an intake and exhaust side! (minus the valve reliefs...let me have my fun...)
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