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  1. PatonMacD added a post in a topic Chineeee digital Speedo project   

    I am going to try and grab the pulse right from the stator as one of the YouTube videos suggested. The company is shipping me a brand new one and I get to keep the old one! so, I have a failsafe... If it blows up, I am no further away from where I am now. I have a second battery so... I will wire up the new one off the bike and just probe the stator wire to see. If I can get that to work, I will try the one installed again to see if I can get it working without having to rip apart my entire bike again! 
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  2. PatonMacD added a post in a topic Chineeee digital Speedo project   

    Yes, I saw this and knew about it before it even came in the mail. I used the pulse + (before the coil) and it showed erratic signal and then just stopped working so.. I dont know.. its cheap crap.. I guess I'll see what they say! 
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  3. PatonMacD added a post in a topic Chineeee digital Speedo project 
     This speedo is everywhere... youtube has a million videos about it... most of them show that it stinks.. Its alot of work! I still dont have it setup right but I think there is something wrong with it so, awaiting seller to help replace it. 
    Once I get the speedometer set correctly, and the tachometer working right, I will be using black RTV to make it water tight again from the rear... I just know that it will get moisture in there and condensate. But have incandesent bulbs so.. that should help too... We will see.. This will probably take a month or two to resolve. 
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  4. PatonMacD added a post in a topic Chineeee digital Speedo project   

    Tach is NOT fixed. I am still not sure what I am going to do about it but, since I need it for commuting, I had to stick it all back together... I'll look into it next weekend I hope. 
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  5. PatonMacD added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    Chineeee digital Speedo project
    This is the story of "Hey! I have an idea! I am tired of this useless KPH speedo that does nothing for me...
    So, let me hit up Amazon and get me a new Speedometer... Sounds good right!? 
      Well friends, let me tell you, I spent about 20 hours on this thing. Got every single thing working except for the tachometer (I think I broke it by plugging it in the place they recommended - the coil +) 
       So, you want to see the results?! Well, lets start with what was there before! 

      Well, that was nice... if you live in Europe or Asia I suppose..... Well, here in the US... We do things the wrong way so...

      Doesn't look so bad right!? (Note the volt meter hide-a-way location. I made the glove box only open 2 inches, spring loaded so I can close it and lock it up when its raining. I accidentally bought a non-waterproof one so.. had to get clever... I got the idea from Daniel's V4 head video when he said that it was a must for all scooters... so... I must!)
    So, lets dig in and show you what it took!

    Fabrication! I had to hack up the original speedometer and make a bracket to hold it in place!

    Yes, I also added 150db airhorn and a 72W LED light because near ATL, they will SEE me... or if not... they will sure as hell HEAR me!!!
    Tell me what you think!
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  6. PatonMacD added a post in a topic GY6 180cc 2.5mm Stroker Issues!   

    It was indeed the culprit... I capped it off before I knew anything about the GY6... Now I know it likes to breathe or it will piss all over your floor if it doesnt...
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  7. PatonMacD added a post in a topic GY6 180cc 2.5mm Stroker Issues!   

    LOL, no, just some plastic I had laying around. And right now, there is free movement of air in the vent.. I need to add a PCV valve to make it exit only... just didnt have that one laying around! I think the piece you are talking about was an old shopvac attachment but not sure... Eitherway, its a cam cover vent now! HAHAAH
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  8. PatonMacD added a post in a topic GY6 180cc 2.5mm Stroker Issues!   

    I had an EGR setup that had blown off the original PCV valve and I lost it somewhere. I was leaking oil everywhere and just sort of plugged it up for a short time. I know better now. I have added a breather I designed to the cam cover and so far it is working great! I just want to add back in a PCV valve. 

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  9. PatonMacD added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    GY6 180cc 2.5mm Stroker Issues!
    My story is long and complicated but I figure I should lay it all on the table in order to figure out whats going on...
    I started with an IceBear PMZ150-3C Stock Type A motor which was vastly underpowered. See, I am a 41 yr old man who weighs more than 210 lbs. I use it to commute to my vanpool which is less than 3 miles away 5 times a week. 
      So, I began looking into upgrading options and settled up a 61mm BBK, 28mm Carb and a crappy 50$ freeflow exhaust from amazon. Also, got variator weights both heavier and lighter as well as a new clutch and clutch spring. Also, an A12 cam
    I figured between all of these parts, I should be able to keep up with traffic. I think I maxed out at about 62MPH flat. I had a problem with my EGR valve on my stock cam cover so I.. more or less just capped it off. See, there was excess pressure and it blew itself off the stock PCV valve. Everywhere I looked online, it said it could be deleted, so thats what I did. So... as we continue:
    Well, I didnt realize how thin the wall would be in the 61mm BBK cylinder. That turned out to be a big problem. See, I began burning oil.. then alot of oil.. So, I ordered a new piston a rings thinking that might be my problem. Well, it wasnt. The cylinder skirt exploded and spraying oil everywhere!!!!
    So, Fix time! I ordered a new case from Buggy Depot that was bored out to 65mm (big enough to accept a 63mm piston). I also picked up a 63mm (180cc) cylinder kit, 180cc Valve head and new cam cover without EGR. The kit also came with an A9 cam which I installed. Oh and my second gasket set. 
       Upon installing, I noticed that the oil seal was missing on the new case so, I took the one from the old case which I inadvertently installed backwards. While trying to fix it, it fell inside motor so I had to completely disassemble and get the seal. Now, I got it installed correctly and noticed it was leaking so.. I ordered replacement oil seal. Watched a video on youtube about drilling the old oil seal and threading in a screw to pull it out and accidentally drilled into my crankshaft. Yep... well, if I got to replace that, might as well stroke it right? 
       So, I got a 2.5mm stroker crank from TheRuckShop and my 3rd gasket set and headed into this innocently enough... knowing my stuff... right?
    Well, when Buggy Depot bored the Type A case out to 65 mm, they only when deep enough to accommodate a normal stroke. But, when I assembled the piston into the cylinder and did a test cycle through... I noticed it was hitting somewhere. Well, that turned out to be the piston skirt hitting an area of the case that was not bored out. So, apart came the case again... I used a Dremel to remove the excess aluminum, did a test fit with the piston (without rings) to see if anything would hit on the left side of the case. Well, everything looked okay so, I proceeded to rebuild motor. Once piston rings were installed and clocked and cylinder was remounted... guess what... it was still hitting!!! This time on the oil injection port. I know that area is VERY thin on a bored over case. So, I Dremeled the piston this time on the area that was contacting. NOW, it fit without hitting anything! Did a full reassembly and then reinstalled back onto scooter. Ran it till hot and saw no leaks! JOY! Well, on this particular scooter you have to let out the air on the back tire completely in order to remove it which was necessary in order ot fully take apart motor. So, I figured I would go to Kroger to fill up the tire as a test run (I put some air in it with an old 12V air pump but lets face it I wanted back on two wheels!
        I got about halfway there and I heard what sounded like a turbo blowoff or opening a 2 liter bottle of coke really fast.. PSSSSHHHH
     Then came the oil! Then came the capped off hose that was attached to the breather valve on the cam cover.....
      I was able to get it home and what I found was that the oil seal on the crankshaft CVT side was blown out of the case and oil was filling the CVT area. 
         Piston rings are clocked properly, nothing strange that I can see but... Why would there be so much pressure inside the case... enough to blow out my oilseal into the kickstarter gear? I am going to install one of those dipstick oil catch cans and possibly a PCV valve on it and the cam cover breather.  Would that be enough???   Did you make it this far into my story? LOL!? Thanks Daniel and ScrappyDog for all of your awesome videos! 
     Now, someone please tell me what I missed!

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