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  1. Easydrifter added a post in a topic My Demak 150, The Pride of Davao City, HaHa   

    It's hard to find parts here for a Chinese scooter so I just ordered a GY6 triangular air filter online from Lazada for about $10.00 US delivered. Today I saw on display at the mall, a real prize- a Yamaha X-Max 400 scooter. WOW, that is sweet !
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  2. Easydrifter added a post in a topic Yamaha RS110 F for outside of the city   

    Yes, it is the same as the Crux in India. They are simple, no electric start, no fuel gauge, not even a tac. Only a 4 speed too, but known to be reliable here and called a gas saver. It even came with sidecar mounts and many here are used as a tricycle and haul 6 people around town all day long. I find the side racks that came on it to be very useful at times.

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  3. Easydrifter added a topic in Non Scooter related   

    Yamaha RS110 F for outside of the city
    Hi, I moved from the States to the Philippines after I retired and ride my Demak 150 scooter around quite a bit. It's getting older though so I picked up this little Yamaha basic motorcycle to ride when I go on longer trips out of town. It goes fast enough for the roads here and is better on the gravel roads and streets you often find here. I do still prefer my scooter in the heavy rush hour traffic though. This 3rd world driving can be hecktic to say the least. The most common bikes here are 125cc underbones with automatic clutch and 4 or 5 gears. I have noticed a lot more scooters recently, they are really starting to catch on here as of late. Not too many Chinese scooters though, mostly the Japanese brands. So here's a couple of pics of my Yamaha (made in India), cost me under $1,000. USD

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  4. Easydrifter added a post in a topic My Demak 150, The Pride of Davao City, HaHa   

    It's a 150, came with dual shocks. I'm thinking to move them to the rear mounting holes (on top) to see if it will carry a load (girl) better. So far I replaced the clutch with a Motorstar and had to replace the CDI and coil with an orange one. 

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  5. Easydrifter added a topic in Electrical   

    Starter button quit working
    My scooter sat in a carport for 4 years in the Philippines and when I finally got back the starter button did not work. So I Jerry rigged an automotive starter button directly to the selenoid for now but I want to remove the original button from the handlebar, brush it and sand it clean to see if it will work again. Any tips on how to do this or how to replace it with a new one would be appreciated. Thanks 
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  6. Easydrifter added a topic in Show off your scooter   

    My Demak 150, The Pride of Davao City, HaHa
    Hi guys and girls, I love this old scooter and still use it as my daily driver even though I have a brand new Motorcycle. It's much easier to ride in the heavy rush hour stop and go traffic here, especially because of the automatic clutch and with the low center of gravity, easier to balance going 2 mph in a traffic jam which is the norm in this city of over 1 million people. 

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  7. Easydrifter added a topic in Introduction   

    American rides scooter in the Philippines
    Hi guys and girls. I have a Demak 150 scooter (Malaysian made) GY6 that I bought new here in 2008. I rode it off and on for a few years then left it stored for 4 years, until I retired here in Davao City 2 yrs ago. I'm happy to report that it's still going strong even though it needs some maintenance at this point. More details later. I was happy to find this forum and have enjoyed the You Tube videos a lot. Thanks for having me.

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