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     I thought the VIN would be at the base of the frame, behind a small cover, at the front of the footrest area, stamped into the tubing that descends from the handlebar bearings.  All I have seen are behind a plastic cover that can be pried out for access.
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    Depending on where you are in the PI, you may have a switch that has been corroded by salt in the air, mixed with humidity.  In that case, I'd remove the switch, and swish it around in fresh clean water to remove the salt.  Then I'd take it apart, spreading plastic retainer clips as gently as possible to gain access to the contacts.  You may find a new switch on alibaba or other site(maybe Dan's shopping site) at relatively low cost.  Headlight and turn signal switches are readily available and not expensive, just cumbersome to reach because of all the dis-assembly required.
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