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  1. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Custom Tao Tao Lancer 150cc   

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  2. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    Possibly to those that are "matured".. Unfortunately FACEBOOK is shaping the youth and those weak and Gullible in to monsters.
    Streaming murders, suicides. Close your FACEBOOK account now. DISGUSTING!
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  3. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    Your prices are "in-line" or below everyone else. Add a flat 6.95 shipping fee to your offerings. If you have 200 sales a year, you just about break even.
    Also, find a new web host.
    Left you voicemail. Did you ship my 11 pole stator? 
    As mentioned FACEBOOK is the DEMISE of America.
    All of the MEMBERS on this board can do MUCH better than FACEBOOK!
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  4. TXGY6 added a topic in Introduction   

    Time to close my account. Delete all my threads.
    Tell me how!
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  5. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Martin Mopeds Facebook   

    No FACEBOOK for me. (did it, DISGUSTING) Facebook is toxic (the demise of America
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  6. TXGY6 added a post in a topic DFW Texas Scooter Club   

    thanks for the Info
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  7. TXGY6 added a topic in Scooter clubs   

    DFW Texas Scooter Club
    Last time I replied to a certain club on Facebook, they told me that "Chuckus" were not welcome.
    Any scoot clubs in North Texas?
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  8. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Scooter bogging   

    I know this is OLD.. I bought one "26mm" Glixal.. See attached. 

    It is less than 24mm
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  9. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Main jet for keihin cvk 26mm   

    I would say that 35 / 110 is a good starting point.
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  10. TXGY6 added a post in a topic Gy6 150 No spark   

    Look into a new CDI box. One other thing to check, there are 2 connectors on the CDI box. One has 2 pins the other has 4 or 5 (I think).
    Make sure the one with 2 pins is tight. Leave them connected and push on the wires to make sure they are seated.
    I have had good luck with my Blue one. It has an LED to let you know it is functioning. I also used one that was smooth and plastic and orange. I went through 2 of them.
    I put one on my old scooter and it went bad, and on my friends and it went bad.

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  11. TXGY6 added a post in a topic IT BLEW UP! What now!?   

    I have dychem on the seats. Making sure we are fully seated. I don't want any problems.
    Will post photos later.
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  12. TXGY6 added a post in a topic New battery came with no acid   

  13. TXGY6 added a post in a topic I've added a tool section to my web store shop.martinmopeds.com   

    I ordered GY6 Kick Starter gear removal tool.
    It's on its way!
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  14. TXGY6 added a post in a topic IT BLEW UP! What now!?   

    If it were me, I would buy a brand new GY6 from ebay (245.99) delivered (as I did) I split my case and installed a new stock crank because I broke the crank trying to remove a seized variator nut. I put new seals in, but the crankshaft seal has a very small leak. I am not going to go through the trouble of resealing it. I will keep it for spare parts.
    This combination works
    58.5 cylinder, big valve head, A14 cam, stock 24mm CVK jet it 38 pilot and 110 main.
    I use a Dr. Pulley variator, 11G and 14G mix, yellow/yellow clutch/main. I have messed with a bunch of combinations 26/28 OKO, A9, A11 (didn't check valve clearance..). Yellow Blue, red red etc. 60mm cylinder.
    The A9 has better top end and is fast off the line, but A14 pulls almost as hard and really wakes up in the midrange. Most of my driving is midrange. 
    Ride them for what they are worth. Change your oil, clean the oil screen, upgrade/eliminate vacuum lines.
    What every you disassemble, put red locktite on it.
    One combination I am about to try. The stock engine I bought and a 58.5 m/m 30/26 head. I bought stainless valves 20.00 and I am lapping them in. I am doing a mild porting job on the head. This head can be used with the stock timing chain, others can't. I am going to use the stock cam. See what it does. I can transfer my A14 and see what it does.

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  15. TXGY6 added a post in a topic New battery came with no acid   

    It is a Gel and it is a pile of JUNK! I bought 2 of these on flea bay from "tmshelmet"
    Both crapped out in 6 months

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