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  1. geh3333 added a post in a topic Best prank you ever pulled?   

    This is my kind of thread lol.  I've superglued friends fingers together while they where sleeping, a friend and I made a potent milk, cherry cool aid,  and garlic salt cocktail and took it to football practice in a couple  different containers.  One friend took a big gulp and spit it out the quickly grabbed the other container not knowing it was the same thing and took another big gulp,  lol.  The plastic wrap on the toilet is a good one also. 
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  2. geh3333 added a post in a topic Wiggling tail   

    actually it was the engine mount nut that i lost and the main long bolt was working its way out
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  3. geh3333 added a post in a topic Starter issue !   

    Not sure if it oil will bother it ,some sit in oil. But if u had to clean it I would use electronic cleaner from the parts store
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  4. geh3333 added a post in a topic Wiggling tail   

    Sorry guys I've been gone awhile I had a few family issues , but anyway I had this issue b4 and it was a missing engine mount bolt
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  5. geh3333 added a topic in Non Scooter related   

    Disney world
    How's it going , I just thought I'd let everyone know that my family and I just arrived in Florida Sunday afternoon . we drove here for our youngest daughter Victoria's  wish from " make a wish" . we will be here until next weekend . that was one heck of a drive , lol. 
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  6. geh3333 added a post in a topic What size carburetor?   

    i have a 58.5 kit with all the other mods. I used a 32 mm carb and it worked as i thought it would . it worked great. . I would recomend using the 30mm . the 63 kit are one of the biggr kits , and the 30mm would do the job just right !!!!!!!¡.
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  7. geh3333 added a post in a topic Hello from South Carolina   

    61 2mro !!
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  8. geh3333 added a post in a topic Built an all NCY GY6, 161cc engine - Cause I was bored!   

    I think you misunderstood me . yes the math is correct " if done correct" however the numbers do not always play out the same in a real world setting. Even if the numbers are 100% correct on paper, and say " this setup should produce such and such HP at suck and such rpm " this may not be the case . maybe this engine produces 2 less HP then the numbers say.  The math maybe right , but but the outcome may be different. This happens because of subtle differences that may occur from one part to another. These subtle differences in such a low HP engine can really make a difference. Now that's one reason to use high quality parts , but this still does not guarantee this will not happen . and we may come to find out that there are differences like these from engine to engine, even with quality parts. 
     When it comes to the dyno , that's exactly why I said I should not have used the word easier , lol. At the same time , you will have to use your calculations and you will have just as many different variables to have to works out , so which is easier ? I guess it all depends on the person . if a dyno was at hand I'd still use it with every different variation. Like I said , there is only one way to check the equations , and that would be a dyno test. 
    Ill have to watch the video , your videos are the best !
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  9. geh3333 added a post in a topic Hello from South Carolina   

    Welcome aboard !
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  10. geh3333 added a post in a topic Built an all NCY GY6, 161cc engine - Cause I was bored!   

    This is a perfect opportunity for you to create your own charts. Don't you think it would not only be easier but even more accurate to build the engine and do dyno tests with different cams . along the way you will have the opportunity to create a book with every possibility of bore size , stroke , and cam . I understand you would like to be able to just do the math , but as I think it was mentioned , the numbers many times lie and are not always  accurate.  Trust me i still get it , it would be nice to be able to choose a cam according to an equation. Easier maybe wasn't the word I should have used when I said " wouldn't it be easier to do the dyno tests" . because if u do not have a dyno to test on , easier it is not.  When you get the equation down , the next step would be to be able to test the equations accuracy. And for this you would have to do a dyno comparison. I do not see another way to test the equations accuracy. 
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  11. geh3333 added a post in a topic starter gear   

    It makes the tire go on kuch easier , I even did this with my buell, lol. The 16 inch rim just fit in the freezer.
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  12. geh3333 added a post in a topic starter gear   

    I even use heat and cold to install scoot tires, lol. I put the rim in the freezer and the tire either out in the heat or run it under very hot water for awhile , works great !
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  13. geh3333 added a post in a topic Itching to ride   

    Pretty much the same here !! The older you get the more the cold sucks , lol. I'm really begining to hate this cold stuff .
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  14. geh3333 added a post in a topic starter gear   

    The easiest way to install the kick start gear is to insert the gear and install the variator and boss as you normally would . using an impact to tighten the variator nut will press the gear in place without any extra work.  The gear is beveled on the inside to fit against the bevel of the crankshaft, so normally you should not have to heat or do any special methods to install this gear. 
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  15. geh3333 added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    How much fuel is being burned ?
    I mentioned this in a recent thread so I figured I should make a thread about it. I figured out just about how much fuel I was burning per ignition stroke on the Blue Beast .
    I found that it takes 9,000 gallons of air to burn 1 gallon of gas. So after burning the 1 gallon of gas with 165,000 ignition strokes , take 9,000 ÷ 165,000 is 206.477 ml of air which is 206.477 cc's . now this conversion was with water which is more dense then gasoline . gasoline is pretty close to 75% the density of water . so let's take 75% of 206.477 cc's which is 154.84 cc's , now add the gas which is .0916 cc's , add 25% for the gas density and we get .1145 cc's + 154.84 cc's is a total of 154.9545 cc's which can be rounded to 155 cc's . I have a 58.5 bbk which is supposedly 155 cc . so I'm using nearly every bit of the chamber for consumption.
    If anyone is wondering why I took 75% of the 206.447cc of air.  Its because when I figured out the weight of a gallon of gas I used the weight of a gallon of water instead. I use the weight of the water  " instead of the weight of gasoline "to see how many gallons of air I neeed for a propper burn.  Since gas is about 75% the density and weight of water , I'd actually only have about 3/4 of a gallon of gas, therefore I had to only take 75% of the 206.477 CCS of air.
    When I did a stock 150 getting 85 mpg , I ended up with 77.4 ccs of air and fuel entering the chamber !! Very lean and a very weak combustion. 
    This tends to show how under carbed and under jetted these scoots are. This also shows why a 50cc can hit 40mph and a 150 cc only hits 55 tops. I bet calculations will show the 50cc is using as higher % of its combustion space for more air and fuel compared to a 150cc. 

    Read more:
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