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  1. john3434 added a topic in Have something to sell?   

    2012 Dongfang DF150STG - AZ $400
    If anyone is in the Arizona area, preferably around the west valley. I am mainly selling this for parts only. The scooter is not able to start. I adjusted engine valves, changed oil, but still a no go. The right mirror has been refitted. This also does not have the headlights working after replacing the regulator rectifier. The air intake hose was also replaced, and it has a racing CDI, ignition coil with a new iridium spark plug. It just needs some more love , maybe you are able to fix it?

    You can contact using this email:

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  2. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    I also think I have found another suspect to the cold-starting issue. The spark plug may not have been seated correctly.
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  3. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    Well it seemed like i was missing a few more screws which was why it wasn't coming off, I had to unscrew the 2 muffler bolts on the bottom and it finally came off. As I took off the block, I saw the hole which leads to the oil compartment where the screw must have fell in. I was stuck for a few days and I didn't know what to do.
    Then I got myself one of these:  Seriously, these things are a life saver! It saved me lots of time and grief and was able to get that screw out easily, thank god!!  Now I just need to figure out to reassemble the engine head together. As far as those valve screws go, one of them got stripped. Luckily the other good news, I was able to unscrew it off from the rocker arms. Now I'm wondering if I can clean the rocker arm and engine blocks and reuse them or should I get them replaced? All I would need to do is get a set of replacement screws. Here are some pictures attached. Based on the condition , would it be better to get the screws replaced or the rocker?

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  4. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    Dan, any help?  Since you have the same model as mine i was hoping you might know something.
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  5. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    Well the whole thing did not go as I planned it would. It actually has caused me more problems to deal with. First of , while I was tightening the bolts on the valves , the inner screw just would not stay put with the pliers. And then I found out that screw has been stripped , in other words it won't screw to the hexagons nut. The second problem was that I was being so clumsy (I was working outside in the summer heat) that I've accidently dropped a screw into the camshaft hole. So I've had to try dissemble the rest of the engine head, ended up removing more screws and bolts , since there were so many tight spots my wrench wouldn't fit until I removed part of the plastic frame. It's all become a hassle now. I might as well just order a new cam holder retainer w/ rocket arms, once I try to get that screw out. I've already managed to remove the camshaft off of the chain , now it's just a matter of removing the head itself which I seem to be struggling a bit on. Ive already removed those 2 bolts on the right side but it still won't come off, is there something I'm missing ?
    At least with all this trouble though I've gotten the opportunity to learn more about my scooter.
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  6. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    I am going to order the parts later today on Amazon and hopefully work on it by the next week or so. Then I'll report back on the results.
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  7. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    Hey sorry for the really late reply. This is actually the part I am looking at
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  8. john3434 added a post in a topic Issues with cold starting   

    I haven't actually had a chance yet. I will update this thread once I get that done.
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  9. john3434 added a topic in General Tech Advice   

    Issues with cold starting
    Hello folks, I have a DF150STG scooter. One of the problems that I am having with this scooter is trying to do a cold start. I took off the underseat storage and did some visual inspections. One of the things I saw that the air filter intake tube under the airbox was all cracked and breaking down, could that be causing the engine to not start. Does anyone know where I can get the replacement hose for this specific scooter?  My other guesses are that I should clean out the carburetor, which is located right below the air intake tube, so I'd have to remove the tube anyway. Replacing the choke, and adjusting the valves.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  10. john3434 added a topic in Electrical   

    DF150STG Charging issue and headlights
    Hello, I am having the same exact issue as Dan was having with one of his scooters. First I had the charging problem, which the battery wouldn't charge. So I changed out the regulator and now my headlights aren't working. I am wondering if Dan or anyone was able to troubleshoot the problem for this. Thanks
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