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  1. Alleyoop added a topic in Show off your scooter   

    Alleyoops Trike
    Here is my Trike and Mods:

    62mm BBK
    60mm Stroker Crank
    Primary is 43 teeth
    16/37 Hoca Tranny Gears – Original were 13/40
    K&N Air Filter with a Short Stack
    SuperTrapp Muffler
    1 1/4 Header Pipe
    24mm Carb
    #122.5 Main Jet
    #38 Pilot Jet
    Peformance Coil/CDI
    NCY Performance Clutch&Bell
    Manual Choke
    Iridium Plug
    Koso Variator
    12g Dr. Pulley Sliders
    Front Tire: 130/60-13 max cold 32 lbs.
    Rear Tires: 205/65-10 Kenda Load Tires-3"s taller than OEM max cold 36 lbs.
    29 tooth Drive Sprocket-came with 24 tooth.
    DID 428 Pro V Series O-Ring Chain
    Givia 29" tall Windshield
    All Led bulbs Except the Headlights-I do not drive at night
    4 way Flasher
    Turn Signal Beeper
    Relay for the Beeper connected to the Brakes
    VIP Trunk with Led lights
    Brake light Flasher on the Trunk Wing
    Radio with Remote, SD card,MP3 connections

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  2. Alleyoop added a post in a topic Hi I Am Alleyoop   

    HAHAHAHA, there is only so many of us 
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  3. Alleyoop added a topic in Introduction   

    Hi I Am Alleyoop
    Hi troops,
    I go by the name of Alleyoop and I ride a 2009 Ice Bear Trike that is modded with a 62bbk and a 2+2 Stroker Crank.
    I am mechanically inclined and on some of the other forums I help with the diagnose of problems that others are having with their scoots and try and provide information on what the problem is and how to fix it.
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