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  1. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Who will get you your stuff, and who doesn't care!   

    Everyone who answered I totally agree with you when it comes to getting cheap parts. Also I realize that Chinese scooter panels was going to be a challenge, but this was paying "top dollar" or incorrect parts. I much rather deal with a company who actually has the parts in their possession then dealing with a company dealing with a 3rd party vendor. I deal with Amazon a lot you can trust them to get you your stuff. I not really digging these places that you can't return the racing parts once purchased.
    Maybe I'm just unlucky, even the part I just got from Martin's shop had some imperfections. Would you use a dremel or a file to repair this?

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  2. Kachi's Kid added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    Who will get you your stuff, and who doesn't care!
    Hey ladies and gents,
    I just wanted to give a shout out to Dan and shop.martinmopeds.com on there service alone. I woke up early this morning knowing I need a None EGR Type valve cover, placed the order at 5:53am. and the shipping label was created at 6:45am. Now that my friends is SERVICE! Not to mention that the 61mm big bore kit got here in like 3 days, with free shipping, WTF? Now in full disclosure mode I do live in Michigan also, but still...The reason I bring this to everyone's attention is not to blow smoke up Dan's tailpipe, but just yesterday I completed a 2 month nightmare with another company for a part that costed a total of $10. Still haven't gotten the correct part from this aforementioned company. I don't want to spin my wheels or waste people's time but I would like to share my experiences with this issue and help anyone from falling into the same trap I got caught in. We all know Chewbecca should have left the meat alone, but he was hungry...If there is interest just to let you know, I name names.
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  3. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic I'm new to the scooter world   

    Hey Red, welcome.
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  4. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Michigan representing   

    Thanks Mike, your right about my mix-up of main and pilot jets, sorry about that. My carb is a Yerf Dog ($20 on amazon) not a NIBBI just the ext. bracket and pipe. I also purchased extra mains and pilots because I knew I would be upgrading to a big bore kit. On the Yerf Dog it wasn't clear what was in there, neither was labeled.
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  5. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Glixal 170cc Big Bore Kit   

    Just got my 61mm Taida today, looking forward to installing it soon.

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  6. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Michigan representing   

    Thanks Cyborg and Piston, I have a lot of pictures already that I am going to share. We sure could use some warm weather up here, I have a lot of tuning I want to accomplish. Yesterday I just installed the 26mm carb., running with a 110 pilot and a 35 main and I will be tuning by sound, smell and feel, no wideban sensor. I have a lot of work to do but here is a taste.

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  7. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Glixal 170cc Big Bore Kit   

    Well after a little research I answered my own question, The Glixal's outer sleeve d. is 65, so boring is a must. Not doing all that, so I just purchased the Taida 61mm (block a) from MartinMopeds.com. At 62.7mm it should slide right in. I know Dan swears by Taida, just hoping that sleeve holds up.
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  8. Kachi's Kid added a post in a topic Michigan representing   

    Hey Fifty, I've noticed that, but thanks for the welcome, much appreciated.
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  9. Kachi's Kid added a topic in General Tech Advice   

    Glixal 170cc Big Bore Kit
    I know, I know it isn't a Taida or NYC big bore kit but I have a question about the Glixal. Has anyone been able to install this kit on a 150cc without having to bore out the case? I know the difference in quality but if they are all 61mm pistons why would one fit but not the other? I have heard that some people have purchased this kit without having to bore out the case. I was hoping that my Tao Tao Lancer 150 was one that didn't have to be bored.
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  10. Kachi's Kid added a topic in Introduction   

    Michigan representing
    Hey guys and gals, Kachi's Kid is checking in. Around Labor Day 2017 I invested in a very nice brand new all silver Tao Tao Lancer 150, and I am absolutely in love with her. Looking to add a 170cc big bore kit this summer after having already replaced the CDI, coil, spark plug, cooling fan. Things I have purchased but not yet installed include, performance variator, performance clutch with 2000 rpm springs, Dr. Pulley sliders (14 grams), and 26mm carb. I not only look to get my questions answered but to help out anyone that I can with the knowledge I have gained.
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