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    I'd like to thank you all for the warm reception.  Its nice to know others are into their scooters like me.  Time is sparse but I hope to contribute at least in some small way.
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    Sin City Here
    I'm Ben,  live in Vegas. I'm 40.  I've owned 3 scooters.  First was a 49cc Icebear (not the stretch), after losing her to the evils of men I got a TGB R50x (Named her Katy Perry,  she was sweet).  Well she met a 4 wheel beast and I introduced myself to the rear window of said beast.  Katy didn't make it.  Now I'm riding a (sorry, getting solid info on some scooters is like breaking crypto security.  Paperwork says it's a Titan Motors scooter.  (Doesn't say Titan anywhere on the scoot).  It does have velocity on the CVT cover.  And QMB132 on the fairings.  That still hasn't helped id it.  The most common way someone knows what I talk about it is.  The 50 CC velocity scooter with the rabbits decorating the exterior.  (Which I removed day 1).  NE ways, before scooters I didn't fix anything bigger than a computer.  But necessity and YouTube have helped me make strides.  I've gone and installed several air intakes, upgraded internals (CDI, Variator, Clutch, Carb etc).  I have a big bore kit in my bedroom, that I am figuring out installing, but projects are projects.  I use the scooter as a daily driver and have put about 5k miles on her in a little over 6 months.  Love It.  
    So Hi , Ben here

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