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  1. Played1 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    I did change the head, valves, and valve cover. I didnt measure the the valve size, but they appear to be larger. I also port polished the heads. Unfortunately my 24mm stock carb is not that seviceable. I was able to to get the bowl off but I'm not able to get the air/fuel screw adjusted because it doesn't exist..
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  2. Played1 added a post in a topic 180cc bbk carb size?   

    I have a spare kleihim 28mm cvk. I'm trying not to get too much deeper in the hole. I just took off an Ecotrons EFI kit that I dropped almost $700 into, just to see it sit on my bench. I may step into a newer carb eventually but I haven't been able to get that crap sold or traded to save my life.
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  3. Played1 added a topic in 125/150cc   

    180cc bbk carb size?
    My 180cc bbk swap is done. Should I stick with the rejetted 24mm carb or get something a bit larger?
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  4. Played1 added a post in a topic Carb nipple question   

    Glorified vacuum line. It's a pd124 . Wrong carb.
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  5. Played1 added a post in a topic Carb nipple question   

    hard no. Factory keihin carb.
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  6. Played1 added a topic in 125/150cc   

    Carb nipple question
    Anyone know what goes on this nipple. Its the last unknown in my rebuild.

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  7. Played1 added a topic in 125/150cc   

    DC stator question
    So I converted my scoot to DC like a stupid. I ordered the wrong parts, and the seller was having no part in me sending them back. Now I want ti go back to Ac which leaves me with so many stupid questions:
    1. Can I modify the stator to work with an AC rectifier?
    2. Can I used the flywheel I already have for my 11 pole dc stator?
    3. Can I buy the harness to do the easy 7 wire hookup, or am I stuck trying to do a build a bear?
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  8. Played1 added a topic in 125/150cc   

    Air filter intake tube? Aftermarket exhaust bracket?
    Anyone know where I can score the fancy cold air intake tube on the cheap? Also that triangle piece that holds aftermarket exhaust? I'm not trying to buy the whole fart can just for the piece.
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  9. Played1 added a post in a topic 63mm Taida BBK questions about modifying engine case   

    I wish I found you before I spent $90 at the machine shop. Buggy Depot does them for $36 but you are on the hook for shipping. (Roughly $60 round trip)
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  10. Played1 added a post in a topic Clutch bell and Variator nut size?   

    If you need some, I've got them. They were super hard to find. I didn't try Fastenal, but I got a dozen grade 8.8 from Amazon for $15.
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  11. Played1 added a post in a topic Crankcase Vent Question   

    I tried the old school pcv. The one that just looks like a hose fitting at both ends. Failed!!! Horribly! I also tried the fish tank bubbler that someone recommended. That required too much pressure to actually release the lower pressure in the case. To fix it without the oil catch can, I ran it open. Run it up and somewhere it has NO access to water. You should have a low spot to act as a P trap at the bottom to prevent moisture from getting in.

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  12. Played1 added a post in a topic Kick start gear puller   

    I had oil pissing out of my dipstick hole when my engine breather tube became blocked.
    Harbor freight or amazon. They fit tight as hell and you wont be able to do tje whole nut and bolt thing. I used an impact and just the bolts through the openings and a giant set of channel locks to hold the 2 puller posts together. I did the job quick but scared the crap out of me when it let go. The crap part is getting it back on the crank without stripping the threading in the crank. I had to pick up an Irwin die (M12x1.25) to fix that crap.

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  13. Played1 added a topic in Introduction   

    Here in Boston. I've got tons of gy6 tools
    I live in Brighton and have a project scooter (Peace 150cc 1P57QMJ) and have tons of tools and spare OEM parts for anyone local looking to score. In the middle of a 63mm bbk conversion. 
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  14. Played1 added a topic in Have something to sell?   

    Ecotrons 150cc efi kit
    I've got an ecotrons kit with the narrow band O2 sensor. The kit is complete with minor mods to the short wiring they give you. I hated it. I'm pretty dumb and was never able to get the programming part of it. They don't tell you when you buy it, that you only get 1 year of support. So my long term project turned into a money funnel. It will include the bluetooth adapter for data logging. The ecotrons cdi is shot though. You can use this with the factory or aftermarket cdi. Most of the trouble I had revolved around it being garbage. It took me six months to figure out it wasn't sending the pulse to the coil. I paid about $600 for everything. $350 gets it all including FedEx express shipping. No checks, no cash. PayPal will work just to cover both of our butts.
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  15. Played1 added a post in a topic Valve lash / clearance numbers   

    Well thats a very emmpowered "no". I'm assuming there is more to that. So even though everything on the top end is totally different, I should stick with the factory spec?
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