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  1. KCStache added a post in a topic Hello from South Carolina   

    thanks everyone for the warm welcome 
    parts should be here tomorrow 
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    Hello from South Carolina
    Hello everyone!
    Came a cross Dan's videos on youtube when trying to repair a 150 powermax tao tao with 3500miles  i picked up for 500$ that has a seal leak on outside case cover 

    had 50cc all my life blew alot them up modding and trying make them go faster 

    i have a lot of questions and hope I can find some help here....

    I just placed a order to get all the things i need to make this scoot run 
    this will be my daily driver as fix and mod it I dont plan to do much engine work as she is pretty solid there 
    I want to do alot of led mods - need help with a better headlight, how to hook up pac 80 and second battery 
    best cdi to run, and recommendations for performance variator roller suggestions clutch and spring suggestions also 

    thanks to dan for all he does i would love to have a sweet taida super motor one day!!!
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