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  1. Chizl added a post in a topic New style of NIBBI CVT KIT - super deal   

    Do you have anymore of these kits and how much. 
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  2. Chizl added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    Thank yiu pistonguy
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  3. Chizl added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    Do you have a link n or any n of these directories sake on your site
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  4. Chizl added a topic in Introduction   

    Im new to this scoot world
    Hello my name is chizl  And I ride a 2014 tao tao quantum tour 150 cc I have done a lot of mods to it and played  on alot more it's my little work in progress project. I have done so many mods that I have had it a year and maybe rode it 5 to 6 times and it's torn apart right now in the garage awaiting more parts so I will need alot of help being my first ever scooter and I will post my progress now I have somewhere to do it and hopefully I can get so. Help from you guys o Yea im from Ogden utah 20 min out of salt lake city thanks guys
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  5. Chizl added a post in a topic Here in Boston. I've got tons of gy6 tools   

    What kind of parts and tools I'm interested if you could let me kniw what's available I'm sure I'll pick some up from you thanks 
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  6. Chizl added a topic in Discuss Anything related to scooters   

    One seater
    Does anyone know where I could buy or get a seat that will fit my 2014 tao tao quantum tour 150cc gy6?? If so please let me kniw Im 6ft 5 inch tall and I ha e to sit o  the back part of my two seater seat judt so I can drive and not have my knees hanging out the side,  as you could imagine it's pretty hard being tall in the scooter world but I just need to find one that doesn't have the partisan in the middle of the seat and hopefully but nit a must doesn't go up as it goes back but. I'm sure that's i can deal with.. I'm thinking sense u havnt found one yet that I'm going to ha e to just cut my seat up and make it as close as I can because I've been looking for months and even bought one and it wasn't even close to fitting my scoot so any help would much my be appreciated. thanks. 
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  7. Chizl added a post in a topic Shooters Scooter's on N2O   

    Do you have a link n or website for the 450 wet system you were talking about that you said would fit nice under your seat with the 1 lb. Bottle I would like to check it out thanks
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  8. Chizl added a post in a topic TaoTao Quantom 150   

    How is that digital tach you want to sell it by chance 
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  9. Chizl added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    here is my set up but I only have put on the carb to see if it would start after the repair I have made and when u did try to start it it ran for about five secs before I notices there was gas spitting g out if my intake manifold where the gasket is between the head and manifold. So I stopped thank you for your reply I have been having some problems getting my carb and intake tube that is also nibbi to fit and that's why I went with that angled intake manifold but it still wo t fit so I guess in stuck with just putting a filter on my carb I just replaced my starter clutch cause it went bad with all the starting I have been doing with this new carb this thing has been a nightmare and it still isn't running but I also replaced the oil pump and gasket as well as my starter clutch springs to the yellow ones and I have also done my exhaust as shown and I need a hanger if you have a link for one I also git the header online it was black but I painted it I did a valve adjustment as well as new variator and rollers so I need to get this carb thing fixed so I can get her Hoi g. Do you know why I would be spitting g gas into my intake manifold like that i am running a 40 slow jet and a 120 main with my needle to the second to last position all the way down on my needle so any kind if as vice would be great from anyone thanks here my exhaust but I need some kind of a hangar for it cause it's just on the exhaust studs from the head so it needs a strap cayse the one that came with it doesn't line up or fit. Thanks for any input 
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  10. Chizl added a post in a topic NIBBI 2nd gen 26mm CVK (CV style) carburetor   

    How much are these carbs an hiw. Can I get one?? 
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  11. Chizl added a post in a topic Nibbi intake review   

    K guys I have a tao tao quantum tour 2014 I have a nibbi 26 and I ha w the nibbi intake tube they sell I have tried everything I can think of but I can not get this intake manifold after three different ones to fit its either the tube hits the mount or the starter or the carb hits the mouth t or is to high to where I can't put the tube on I have ordered am adjustable intake manifold tried to do it from t mount and turn it to the side and didn't work so I see these pictures and I'm like why can't mine look like this so can you please send me a link to that intake manifold cause I guess the one nibbi sent me isn't the right one or I dobt know what to do but I have torn this thing down and put well over 500 in extras and it's sitting in my garage and it still has less than 300 on her so please help
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