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  1. Probably not the 1st to post this kind of video but I'm kinda proud of this one. This is my 1st of hopefully many instructional videos on my channel. Comments (good or bad) are welcome.
  2. Hi guys,
    I need your advice for the air filter to use on a Taida 232cc 4v engine.

    For information :
    I use a PWK OKO 30mm carburetor;
    I just installed a new exhaust;
    All I have to do is buy an air filter and start the carburetor adjustment.

    While searching on the internet, I found on this kit which seems to me easy to install:

    Link :
    But I need your advice:

    Does the air filter delivered with the kit (UNI UP-4245 CLAMP-ON "POD") can allow the Taida 232cc 4v engine to provide all these performances?

    If not, what are you proposing?
    If necessary, here is the web page of UNI which informs about the filter above and the filters that you can advise me :
    Thank you in advance.
  3. In order to improve the cooling of my gy6, a 232cc, I decided to use a large oil radiator and choose a well-ventilated location. Here are all parts I ordered :

    I chose this model because in my opinion we should not lose a lot of oil pressure.
    2 - 10 Feet Black AN6 Nylon And Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Oil Gas Line Hose 6AN : $16.15

    You can easily find these parts on ebay.
    The pictures of the montage will come but in the meantime, tell me what you think.
  4. Hi everyone,
    I would like to use a real oil filter on a gy6 engine. My choice is KN-183:

    Here are the dimensions :
    Height : 3.063 in (78 mm)
    Outside Diameter : 2.156 in (55 mm)
    Removal Nut Size : 17 mm
    Thread Specification : M14 x 1.5
    I am lost with the dimensions and can not identify the right support (mount) for the filter.
    Can someone give me a link (US if possible) where I can buy a support (mount) for this filter ? Something like this :

    or :

    As soon as all parts are gathered, I will post the project on this forum.
    Thanks for you answers !
  5. Getting started on keeping up with this new 2017 Tao Tao Powermax 150cc VIP 157QMJ.
    Thanks to txpowersports for the great customer service.
    POWER TRAIN EngineAir-cooled single-cylinder four-strokeDisplacement150ccHorsepower10HPSpeed55+StarterElectric/KickIgnitionC.D.ITransmissionAutomaticDIMENSIONSOverall Length73inOverall Width 26inOverall Height 44in  Wheelbase52.8inNet Weight 295lbsBRAKES & TIRES Brakes Front DiscBrakes Rear DrumTires Front 120/70-12Tires Rear 120/70-12OTHERBattery Type 12V
    My plans are to have a smooth top speed to hold 60 mph with some more to give up to 65-70 mph if needed. I do not want quick but  fast enough not be be a rolling road block on the back roads of South Carolina. I am wanting to get the rpm range low to make the engine last while to riding not racing.
    Chime in and feed the brain.
    Chuck D
    Ride on.....
  6. Mr. Martin, you mentioned a Taida 180cc b-block longcase engine as being one of the most durable engines out there but I can't find it on your site anywhere. This is the engine that has the thicker cylinder walls and can be bored out to become a 232cc if you wish. I'm not looking for that, just a 180cc daily driver that would be perfect for passing and getting out of the way of the jerks behind the wheel. 
    All I see are kits, kits, kits instead of a complete motor. Do you offer this motor in your stock. Please help😊 
    Love how you give great information when people write you. Thank you.
  7. Just bought this frame this weekend. All for the low price of $25. Now to find a heart and brain for it and put it all together.

  8. Hey gang,
             This is a thread demonstrating the tool used for removal of that pesky kick start gear on the GY6 150cc. 

    Insert #1 onto crankshaft - slide down flush with gear

    Put #2 on #1 and gear to secure #1 in place
    Repeat with #3

    Slide #4 over #2 & #3 to "lock it" all together.

    Screw the little shaft into the side of #1 to hold it in place then turn the threaded shaft clockwise - As you do, it will remove the kick start gear...
    *note - Very similar to the process of removing the GY6 flywheel. 
  9. This is part of GY6, CVK jetting and tuning procedures., I use an Ecotrons ALM (Accurate Lambda Meter) for the purpose of fuel diagnostics on a GY6 engine. 
        The engine originally started out as a 150cc (157QMJ). I upgraded with a 61mm Big Bore Kit, 61mm combustion chamber head with stock ports. I upgraded the head with stainless steel valves and NCY TI coated springs. The engine also has an A9 camshaft. 
       External engine upgrades consist of K&N free flow exhaust and a DSTAR free flow exhaust. Has an orange "racing" CDI but I have no idea what what kind of advance/retard it has.
        I start out with a 120 and 40 main jet. Here's the first video. 
    Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4-StrokeCoolingAir CooledDrive SystemBeltPiston Displacement49.5ccBore and Stroke1.54 inches x 1.63 inchesMaximum Power1.4/5500kw/r/minMaximum Torque2.0/4500N.m./rpmStarterElectric /KickTransmissionAutomaticLength73.6 inchesWidth26 inchesHeight44 inchesSeat Height29.9 inchesWheelbase51.6 inchesGround Clearance4.3 inchesFront BrakeDiscRear BrakeDrumFront Tire90/90-12Rear Tire90/90-12IgnitionCDIMaximum Speed30mph, may vary depending on road condition, rider weight etc.Net Weight183 lbsGross Weight216 lbsWeight Capacity220 lbsBattery12V/7AhFuel Capacity1.4 galFront SuspensionDual Telescopic ForksRear SuspensionSingle ShockPacking Size66 inches x 22.5 inches x 33 inchesMaximum Climbing Gradient30°Assembly Requiredfront wheel,front fender,front cover,handle bar,aluminum

  11. Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4-StrokeCoolingAir CooledDrive SystemBeltPiston Displacement49.5ccBore and Stroke1.54 inches x 1.63 inchesMaximum Power2.5/7000kw/r/minMaximum Torque2.9/6000N.m./rpmStarterElectric / KickTransmissionAutomaticLength67.7 inchesWidth24.6 inchesHeight40.7 inchesSeat Height28.3 inchesWheelbase48 inchesGround Clearance4.7 inchesFront BrakeDiscRear BrakeDrumFront Tire3.50-10Rear Tire3.50-10IgnitionCDIMaximum Speed30mph, may vary depending on road condition, rider weight etc.Net Weight163.1 lbsGross Weight198.4 lbsWeight Capacity220 lbsBattery12V/7AhFuel Capacity1.4 galFront SuspensionDual Telescopic ForksRear SuspensionSingle ShockPacking Size66 inches x 18 inches x 34 inchesMaximum Climbing Gradient30°Assembly RequiredFront Wheel,Front Fender,Front Cover,Handle Bar,Windshield,Pedal Bracket,Rear Box,Rear Box Loop
  12. We're giving away free gloves again this holiday season for all scooterist that come by our shop and don't have gloves to wear. Our winters here aren't really unbearably cold, but most of our scooterists ride year round and 30 degrees with 45mph wind chill on the scooter can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.
    This is a giveaway to anyone that rides their scooter to our warehouse and you don't need to buy anything or even have been a past or future customer.
  13. In this video I show everyone how I install valves/springs and oil seals... In this video, I am installing Viton Valve seals. They are far superior to stock seals.
  14. Hey gang, as you all know, not all GY6 engine blocks are the same... I have received countless question about the differences between "A" and "B" case engine blocks and how much they can be bored out... SO I made a video depicting and illustrating all the subtle differences....
  15. Here is a video Demonstrating how to do a compression test a scooter/moped:
  16. This video continues on with RCQ's Taida 190cc engine build. This is a GY6 going on a BMS Heritage. 
     In this video, I install a high flow oil pump and explain the difference and why one is needed... I also illustrate some other options such as the GY6 high flow Oil Pump for the GY6.  
       After oil pump install, I install a Ban Jing (5 roller) High torque starter clutch then button up the timing cover onto the crankcase.... 
  17. Ok, so, I've been looking to find a good variator or two still and some recommendations I've been getting are for the Malossi Brand of variators....
    Does anybody have any good info about these? Links to old threads or articles else-where? I found a bunch of stuff for the 50cc, but not much for the 150cc... But it seem to be a popular brand...
    If ya got links to a Malossi Variator that works with the 125/150cc GY6, please share... I'm trying to find part numbers and what works with the type of engine I'll be installing it on....
    Please share if ya have any iinfo...... This is some of the  gathered info I have, so far:
    Source for info is here: LINK
    the sport transmission with the racing acceleration that can't be beat! A jewel to mount on your scooter. Too bad it can't be displayed, it is so perfect! Designed by engineers with great experience, produced entirely in the Malossi factory, utilizing robots with the highest precision. Rollers size : 20x17mm

    Not much to go by ...... Hence the reason I need more info. 
  18. Variator J.COSTA EVO 3, for
    KYMCO Agility/People 125ccm 4T, 
    for GY6 125cc 4 stroke 
    8 rollers, 13g
    Following the success of the EVO2 versionJ.COSTA introduce the all new EVO3 high end variomatic, which now not only impresses with its performance values. The improvement made in the choice of construction materials and production quality satisfy in every respect.
    The improvements over its predecessor are obvious at first glance. The Variomatic unit itself has a ceramic coating to increase its durability and more importantly, reduce the overall friction created. The roller weight ramps have also received this treatment which lowers the wear rate of this part of the pulley considerably and extends the overall life of the weight rollers and ramps. The problem suffered by its predecessor of the movement of the weights causing excessive wear has also been solved by the protective ceramic coating on the EVO3. The Variomatics cover has also been redesigned to optimise the overall performance potential.
    In contrast to conventional variators:
    This design of variator uses gliding weights, instead of rolling types, which facilitate the variomatic to open linearly, which has proved to be a very simple but effective technological development! Its linear design is the secret of the 'turbo effect' provided by these pulleys. Compared to original items the J.Costa units offer a shorter transmission ratio at lower revs, which leads to a quicker acceleration. Simultaneously, when the weights have reached the end of their travel (pulley fully opened), they also possess a taller ratio at higher revs, providing an increase in top speed.
    Conclusion: The unique Variomatic technology employed in the function of the EVO range has been once again improved and proves it with even more performance throughout the rev range!

  19. Hey gang,
           This is a video I made to try and illustrate the differences between 18mm all the way to  32mm CVK carbs.. I attempt to explain when you would use a bigger carb, why you would use a bigger carb and why you would not... 
           I also add info about how to obtain the perfect AFR by using an O2 sensor... In addition, I added info about performance intakes, different Jet's and everything else that goes along with up-jetting or upgrading to a different carburetor.... I tried to cover what I could, but the video already got too long...
         I was thinking about individual videos too... One specifically dedicated to jets, one for intakes etc etc.... Gimme some feedback gang and let me know what ya wanna see. 
        So, here's my newest video:
  20. Hey gang,
         a while back I purchased an exhaust... It was sold as an exhaust for a 150cc GY6... I don't even know if there is a 150cc 4 stroke GY6.
    I should add, I don't know much about the difference betwixt 2 stroke and 4 stroke exhaust.... Well, I built an engine and installed this exhaust on it and cyborg pointed out it looked like a 2 stroke exhaust....  Well, I did a little research myself after he told me and sure enough, it looks like a 2 stroke exhaust...
    I emailed the seller way back when all this took place to get his input, and like 3 months later, this company responds, all out of the blue and tells me in fact, it's a 4 stroke exhaust... 
    As we all know, just because a seller it's so, doesn't necessarily make it so... SO I would like your feedback/input....
    2 stroke or 4 stroke?
    (P.S. The scoot in the pic not mine, it's the stock photo's)
    This is the sellers listing:
    Item Desc: Hi Performance Muffler / Exhaust with Expansion Chamber and removable canister.
    Fits: Small Frame 150cc Scooters using the GY6 engine. Will work on some Large Frame scooters with minor modifications to the mounting point.
    With minor modifications, the mounts could be moved and the pipe could be bent to fit many different scooters and mopeds, however you are responsible for making those modifications. Item cannot be returned once any modifications are made!
    Here is a list of GY6 150cc Scooters:
    Vento 150cc Phantom GT5
    Tank 150cc (various models)
    Vento 150cc Phantom R4I
    Strada RX150TE
    Strada Chrome Edition RX150
    Strada RX200HP
    Strada 150CE
    Primo Terminator 150cc
    Primo "Strada" Streaker 150
    Avanti Epsilon 150cc
    Kinroad XT150T-8
    Avanti Beta 150
    Roketa Tahiti MC-03
    Roketa Fiji MC-04
    Verucci Viper 150GTX
    Verucci Permier 150GTX SE
    Tank Racer 150
    RAD-10 150cc
    Bemine 150 Touring
    Racer 150
    TGB/Pierspeed scooters
    TNG scooters
    Adly scooters
    Barron scooters
    KymCo scooters

  21. Model:DF150STG  Displacement:149.6 CCTechnical specification:1) Engine type: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air-Cooled
    2) Displacement(ml): 149.6  
    3) Max Power(kw/r/min): 6.1/7500
    4) Max Torque(N.m/r/min): 8.3 /6000 
    5) Ignition system: CDI     
    6) Gear : CVT         
    7) Fuel tank capacity(L): 6      
    8) Economical oil exhaust(L/100km): 3.5    
    9) Max speed(km/h): 80
    10) Transmission: Belt Driven
    11) Brake Type(front / rear): Disc / Drum Brake
    12) Wheelbase(mm): 1349 
    13) Ground clearance(mm): 178
    14) Tires (front / rear): 130/60-13 / 130/60-13
    15) N. W.(kg): 102       G. W.(kg): 147      
    16) Product dimension(mm): 2007*689*1245
    17) Carton dimension(mm): 1981*572*1194
    18) Qty/40HQ: 48PCS 

  22. This is an old file I had saved from a while back... I don't know where I downloaded it from and can vouch for it's accuracy... I just thought I would share... It's for a ruckus swap.. Putting a GY6 harness on a ruckus and using an 11 pole stator.... 
    (I sold a buddy a wiring harness and am hosting as many 11 pole stator setups as I can find for him)

  23. A few notes, I pulled this schematic out of an older scooter repair manual....I edited it, cleaned it up and added color.. There was actually a few errors I had to correct.  It does not fit today's standards with such features as mandatory alarm plug and kill switch....   
    This is meant as a guide and not a one size fits all schematic....
    (*Side note to Joe, I am going to keep going through my files and see if I can find a more accurate one for your application, but this one is very close and should get ya 95% there) 

  24. Hey gang, 
         Soon, I'm going to be doing a video review of various CVT's... Dr. Pulley will be in that group... I will also make a thread and document the process. The purpose of these threads are to discuss the individual components. 
         This post is about Dr. Pulley HiT Clutch 60° - B1811401-125G ....
    Dr. Pulley HiT Clutch 181401 with Bell for Scooters with 125cc/150cc/200cc GY6 engines found in Honda, Kymco, SYM, PGO, etc. or four-wheelers with 125cc to 200cc GY6 engines. Recommended for ATVs, Buggys and GoKarts or Scooters with modified cylinders.
    The Dr. Pulley HiT Clutch with 60 degree pillow springs is for use on four-wheel CVT vehicles or scooters with a modified cylinder requiring the clutch to engage at a normal RPM. Results from using this clutch include decreased slippage and improved transmission efficiency.
    Inner Diameter (bell): 125mmOverall Height (bell): 43mmNumber of Splines (clutch bell): 1960 Degree Pillow SpringsIncludes 1 Nut Locker and 1 Torque Spring WasherIncludes 3 sets of Pillow Springs and 5 sets of Clutch Springs for fine tuning 

    Instruction for HIT.pdf

  25. Im going to check out the 61mm Forged Piston.
    Were can I buy one?
    and we need to know what rings it comes with or I need a set of rings off the Taida 61mm Cast piston.
    The Forging may have a Moly type ring for the Plated Bore, I don't know why as I stated before Only Chrome requires the Moly ring.
    I see the Forging sold with the Ceramic Cylinder states it comes with "special ring"
    The Forging is a Novelty on something this small so my reason is the Forging Has a Little pop-Up Mini Dome.
    I think this Jesse would enjoy more compression.
    I need to CC out the OE Cylinder head to see if it really is what 9.2:1? if so not afraid at all to work 10.5:1 or into 11 on 93 Non Eth. Gas.
    I got a feeling the Larger Bore heads out there are CC all over the place.