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  1. Hey gang,
             You all are always posting what you're working on, but most of my time on this forum is spent talking about others projects... So, this is my "Big Project" I have slated for this winter.... 
             Cyborg has commented several times that I should be able to get my Yamaha SMAX up to 100MPH... Well, I couldn't agree more. So, I have started collecting parts to build the ultimate SMAX.... The SMAX was a brand new, Yamaha Scooter that was introduced to the market in 2015, so a lot of people may not have even heard of it yet. Here is a link for anyone curious: LINK to YAMAHA
            So, due tot he fact I'm a Taida dealer, Taida was the obvious choice for me. The Big Bore Kit is a no cut/bore direct replacement. It's a very nice kit. The 4 valve head has roller rockers, very nice! The piston is a 63mm forged, high compression piston with ceramic coated cylinder walls. 
            When you increase the displacement, you must also provide more air, fuel and better exhaust. First item I have purchased for the fuel is the DynoJet Fuel Commander (part number FC22905) ... This will allow to custom tailor my own fuel maps. 
            I still have many items to collect and will buy as funds become available or when Santa brings some down the chimney. Anyhow, here's pics of what I have going so far..... I have to Buy a Full TI Japanese exhaust, KOSO TBI and Injector, Air Filter and duct and I may also buy an upgraded CVT, although I'm going to wait and see how she performs with stock CVT.... 
           100 MPH would be nice, 125 MPH would be stellar! 

  2. Post on Koso in KOSO products

    By DMartin95, posted
    Here's the reservation for KOSO