1. Black 8120

    so anyway i bought the vento for cheap it didnt have a pice of plastic on it the piston and jug were missing so i put an 80cc bb kit it would  run for aminute then die well let me back up before i could get the jug to fit i had to hone out the block so the bottom of the sleeve would fit  i did a pretty descent giving the fact that i dont know jack ab out two strkes or ventos for that matter but im in love its abad ass looking bike once i finally got it all put back together!!  so please you guys i joined dansgaragetalk as a last resort... oh an ive since then went back to 49/50  but still no luck  any ideas

  2. nitramjml

    By the way I am a 60 something male. This is the 6th Motorcycle that has owned me over a span of 40 years. Ranging from 125cc Honda CB to 420cc Custom Trike.

  3. nitramjml

    Newbie, acquired new pmz150-8 icebear. runs good however stock seat is killing me. any suggestions?

  4. Sixohtattoo

    I'm having issues extracting a snapped off exhaust stud. I got some advice I'll put to use tomorrow. Fingers crossed 

  5. Ben Scott

    Damn cold weather. Making my scoot start like crap.  Should be better, cleaned out the carb and fixed some minor wiring issues.  


  6. nick nichols

    just joined, been riding for years. currently have a 2014 tao tao thunder. 100cc bbk, dr pulley variator, 20mm kiehin carb


  7. baug

    will the a9 cam work with my 1p57qmj motor if not could you pls tell me why


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