X06 61mm "No Case Mod" BBK with Cast Piston Review and Install

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This is a review and install of the Taida X06 61mm "No Case Mod" Big Bore Kit that comes with the Cast Piston. Sit back and enjoy! :popcorn:

A picture of all of the contents from the kit:


The contents include the cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, timing chain tensioner gasket, 61mm crush-type head gasket, 0.035" base gasket, 0.020" base gasket, and a Taida sticker.

Taida prides themselves on having the piston already installed in the cylinder when you pull it out of the box. They say they do this so you don't have to when you install the kit. For the picture I just took it apart and I'm glad I did. When you install a piston, you typically want to clock the rings to help sealing and other reasons that @Pistonguy could elaborate on. When I took mine apart, the first and second rings were only 20* apart and facing toward the intake valve and the three parts of the oil ring had the gaps right on top of each other. I won't go any farther than to say that this is WRONG. That being said, the rings were gapped correctly from factory. I guess my assembler was a bit tired? :sleep:

Moving on, we have beautiful machining on the components. The deck surface of the cylinder is ground to a mirror finish minus the scratching I put on it by setting it upside-down on the workbench. The crosshatch in the cylinder is spot-on. Here's some pics of the machining job:




One little hiccup in the machining was in the thru-holes for the cylinder studs. First, the holes were drilled, then deburred, and THEN counterbored for the dowels. This meant the counterbores for the dowels were left with a hard edge while the other holes were deburred. :doh: A light pass of the 82* countersink took care of that.


Much more to come. Stick around for more nitpicking and forced laughs!

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