GY6 150cc - How to upgrade to an 11 pole stator

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Hey Gang, this is my video on how to upgrade to an 11 pole stator (magneto). 

This video is an 11 pole AC stator. All stators produce DC, they are called AC or DC as label, to identify if they have a coil dedicated to providing power to  the CDI or not... I have also seen some... There are exception to this rule... 

This is a 4 part series.....




finishing up


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Posted (edited)

Hey Dan, was watching the video in hopes of seeing some wiring info, but didn't so am going to see if you can help me out on this topic. Had a 4 pin, originally I had a 4 pin rectifier ( green/ground, yellow and white to stator (right?), and red to 12v. see pic


The original harness that connected to 8 pole stator. green ground, yellow white to rectifier (see below)IMG_7168.thumb.JPG.10790f1b18c9098ac3dfe

below my new 7 pole rectifier: white and yellow and a third wire I need to run goes to the 3 yellows (I believe). green to ground. red to 12v. white? and black (some say to 12v switched, some say ground, some have said wire direct to 12v) the red wire is behind the green...


and the new 11 pole: white pink and yellow to y,y,y of rectifier, green to ground.IMG_7169.thumb.JPG.ee970a426cc9fc974ac8e

would love some help here

am I missing something? It LOOKS as though you did the same but video didn't specifically go into that detail...

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